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Great topic over at Music Memoirs today! I really had to think about this for a bit. Feel free to play along in the comments if you wish. I love hearing all of your answers, for those who participate. Music is my fav. topic of conversation <3

Top 5 On Friday - Week 226
Top 5 band members that are neither the lead singer or the lead guitarist (well..there goes Jim). (feel free to tell us why you chose them too!) Here we go:

Number One/A: Rick Burch of Jimmy Eat World- BASS-Rick is pretty much bad ass on bass. Plus he is seriously, probably the nicest person you will ever meet. Ever. Such a stand up guy. He rocks out with the best of them.

Number Two/B: Dominic Howard of Muse-DRUMS- Everyone from the band Muse is amazing. All three of them! They make the most amazing and complex music. Their albums kick serious ass and the crazy/insane part of all this talking up, is Live..they are even BETTER! Dom is complete bad assery on drums and he is just so darn cute. You just wanna eat him right up like a snack treat..

Number Three/C: Dougie Payne of Travis-BASS-I can't say enough great things about Travis. I first saw them in the late nineties. They opened for Oasis. I was skeptical when they came out but they blew me away! The very next day following the show I went out and purchased two of their albums and fell in love with every song. Since then Hubs and I catch them every time they come to the states and keep up on their musical progress. Dougie is very interactive at live shows with the fans, keeps everyone laughing and he rocks out with the best of them. Love, love, love him.

Number Four/D: Brian Bell of Weezer-Rhythm Guitar-Brian Bell is a pretty radical guitar player. He keeps Rivers in check and helps write some incredibly catchy-ass songs. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bell but he always has this amazing smile on his face and seems so pleasant and warm. It's eye catching and makes you smile while listening/watching.

Number Five/E: Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance-SECOND GUITAR-Frank is last but not least. He is the smallest guy on earth I think, he is actually one inch shorter than myself and I am hobbit sized. His Bad Assery-ness is supa dupa large though. He rips and shreds on guitar almost as hard as the great Matt Bellamy himself. It's intriguing to watch. He is also one of those artists that really feels the music and what he's playing and he takes you on this insane crazy journey everytime you see him play.

Thanks for reading! Hope you play along!

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Richard @ The Bewildered Brit January 15, 2010 at 6:27 PM  

Two that spring to mind are:

Reni -- the drummer from The Stone Roses! He was honestly one of the most amazing drummers ever. He gave their songs a whole extra level of sharpness and drive.

Peter Hook -- Bass player from New Order (also Joy Division, but he didn't really come into his own until N.O.). He's a completely atypical bassist, even playing the main melody at times.

Malcolm January 17, 2010 at 11:56 AM  

I first learned about Travis when they opened for Dido in 2000. I quickly learned that Travis had quite a following because fans in the audience were waving Scottish flags. My girlfriend at the time enjoyed Travis as much as I did (she went out and bought "Invisible Band" shortly thereafter).

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