First Music Memoir of 2010!

I am a big fan of Music Memoirs. Last I read they were taking a Holiday Hiatus. Makes sense...I was wondering this morning about the hiatus. I receive email updates for this blog and I have not gotten one in a long time. I decided to go visit and I missed about two weeks worth of stuff! Not sure what happened!

So my first Music Memoir of 2010 starts now!

Tuesday Tunes: Week 116
Let's do something silly and fun this week:Build your own band:

What instrument would you play if you were in a band (or do play)? I would play guitar (rhythm) and sing. I filled in singing (only) for a friends band for some time and it was a lot of fun.

If you could have any artists in your band, who would they be? and why did you pick them. Jim Adkins. He is a lyrical genius. Plus he's pretty darn cute so if our little band ever got bored or had writers block I could just make him stand somewhere and look pretty for entertainment. OR

Matt Bellamy, since he can jam out a piano like no other, writes the most beautiful lyrics, has an AmAZiNg voice and when he plays guitar I am stupefied (this reminds me of Harry Potter..sorry I digress). Anyone who consistently writes great lyrics and has a talent for great guitar riffs that are infectious would be what I would want for my band. I really admire folks with this talent.

What type of music would you play? It's hard to target this..I guess the technical term would be like Indie rock/alternative rock. The songs I write/have written went from Hard core alternative to mellow as of late. Perhaps I will post one some day for you all to take a listen :)

Thanks for along in the comments if you'd like :)

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Rabbit January 14, 2010 at 1:07 PM  

This is fun! I want YOU in my band. I just came up with this kick ass rockabilly/acoustic version of that old song "Ten Cents a Dance" that I think you'd dig the dickens out of. I may go buy a microphone just so you can hear it (and my dorky Elvis-y voice!)!

I think you, myself and Our Lady of the Gaga should be in a band together. We'd rock like Rain Main!

Penny January 14, 2010 at 1:24 PM  

HOLY SMOKES! We would be the bee knees! I loves me my Lady :)

Def. get a mic! I wanna hear! <3

BeckEye January 14, 2010 at 4:10 PM  

What instrument would you play if you were in a band (or do play)? Well, I would love to learn to play drums, but I doubt that will happen. I'm in the process of learning guitar right now. I used to take piano lessons as a kid and I hated practicing, so I can't play anything now. One of my biggest regrets.

If you could have any artists in your band, who would they be? and why did you pick them.
Well, since I would be on drums - Eddie Vedder on vocals because...HE'S EDDIE VEDDER. I'd have Damon Albarn on keyboards (and he could sing a little too). Of course, I would have sex with the singer and the keyboardist often. Not at the same time. Unless they wanted to. For lead guitar, I'd probably go with Lindsay Buckingham or Glenn Tilbrook, mainly because I had crushes on them long ago and they never seem to get recognized for how musically brilliant they are. I'd put Lee Rocker on bass because stand-up bass is awesome.

What type of music would you play? An awesome mix of rock, Britpop, Glam and funk. :)

Penny January 15, 2010 at 10:33 AM crack me up. I will not lie..Jim was on my list purely for that reason as well :) haha

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