"No Sensitiviy.."

Before I start with Music Memoirs today I would like to tell you a funny little story that made me go "hmmmmmm" yesterday.

My desk faces the back of the main copy machine. I have discussed this with you on several occasions. For those who do not remember our talk I will remind you that all day in my office people come and go to make copies/fax items. While making copies/faxing the person is left staring at me...because my desk faces the machine. It's awkward and often I feel like a Walm@rt greeter. The office has two entrance ways. One door leads to my desk. The other door leads to the copy machine area. You can not get from my desk to the copier. There are supplies and B.S. blocking the way. Basically, I can look at the copy machine but not use it, unless I get up, go out of my door, walk two feet to the other door and enter the office from that side. Does this make sense?? I promise there is a point..

So a doctor comes to the copy machine yesterday and is holding in his paw..roughly five sheets of paper. He stares at me. Naturally. I say: "Hello". He replies, while leaning on the copy machine: "Could you make a copy of these papers for me?".

Well...I was slightly confused. He was standing...no...leaning on the copy machine...Make your own freaking copies!! I gave him a look of "Get the Eff' Outta here" and when he didn't seem to catch on I proceeded to go out of my door and walk into the other door to make his stupid copy. While he watched. ?????WTF???....Now wait....., he didn't watch..he went to his office!!!! Leaving me to then Deliver the copy I had just made him. Wow.....is all I have to say. I wanted to ask him if he was spoiled or just didn't know how to use the copy machine. Redick.


So onto Music Memoirs. Play HERE if you want!
Top 5 On Friday: Week 228

Top 5 one hit wonders

I take slight issue with this label of "one hit wonder". I was looking at One Hit Wonder Central to see what they had listed and a lot of the artists listed really are not one hit wonders. Maybe they had one hit on the POP charts..but they went on to be quite successful. *cough, cough*


With this said: Here I go:
Number one/a: I'm Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)-The Impalas
Number two/b: Why Do Fools Fall In Love-Frankie Lymon- He had SO many great songs...totally worth checking out!
Number three/c: Shboom-The Chords-What a great song! Makes me smile everytime I hear it!
Number four/d: Blowing Me Up With Your Love-JC Chasez-This song is B A. It is also an amazing song to work out to. It just kicks so much pop music ass. Shame he didn't go large in the pop world as a soloist.
Number five/e: Turn the Radio Up-Autograph. Reminds me of childhood..when music was a huge part of my life..even then :)

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First Order!

I was already asked to do a second party on Feb 20! Glad to be finished this order. I am tired...what a week!

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Stuff I Love, Love, Love

Today I actually thought it was Wednesday and then realized after arriving at work it is, indeed, Thursday. This has brightened my day significantly. Last evening I had to cut out 55 hearts from fondant and prep for my big order. I am in cohoots with a local caterer who decided to farm out her treat portion of work to me : ) On the bill: Five dozen cupcakes. In chocolate, butter and red velvet, all with home made butter cream icing. Theme: Valentines day. Mamma's gotta make that Ca-Ca-Cash....

I am feeling extra excited and extra thankful today so I decided to do a post on the Stuff I Love Right Now....I have done this in the past and it's good to update..since a woman has a mind to change..

So here it goes:

1. This guy

2. Fly Farm Blues and Death Letter by Jack White-Seriously amazing musician. He's so eccentric that he just comes off as so eff'in cute.

3. Teem Mom-Sad to see it end. Looked forward to Wednesday nights watching it from my DVR. Hope they do a season three. Just heard they are doing a new season of 16 and Pregnant as well. Will be adding that to my Scheduled Recordings

4. MS Paint Buddy-Gracccccccciiiiieeee-I heart Grace. She always makes me laugh. We share our mad MS Paint skills with each other via the internet. Here is a classic

5. Mcdonalds Coffee-They need this to come in supa dupa size.

6. My Cricut/Craft projects-Didn't think I would use this as much as I am lately. Loving it. So nice and simple and neat. Loving that I'm painting more and more.

7. Just Like Heaven-The Cure-Learned this on my guitar the other day. Sat outside at lunch with Jess and played this together. Good Times -GT

8. Adventures on Saturday Morning-love the waking up early, the organization, mapping out, great finds, searching for the next big thing, hanging out with hubs and one of my b.f.s (russ), taking photographs and being completely spoiled. Love it.

9. The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO. Can't wait. Starts February 19th. Just downloaded his new Audiobook. Guide to the Future. Have not listened yet. Maybe I'll do that now.....

10. ATC The Music site. Love this site, love doing cards for it.

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Jam Sessions and Tuesday Tunes..

Got some much needed jam session time in yesterday with my bud. It was rather chilly out but I have been really missing sitting out at lunch just playing guitar in the sunlight. Ha ha..Thats dedication...guitar at lunch time :)

Tuesday Tunes!
Play it HERE

If you had $50 to spend on music what would you buy? Right this second...a mini amp and a new microphone with USB hook up.

If you had a chance to see any band @ any venue, who would you see and where? Jim Adkins. Solo. In a private show. For just me. And.....others by my invitation only...start sucking up now folks..

Or Jack White. Solo. No scripts..just doing his thing. He's amazing.

If there was one band that could reform, who would it be? the original Journey. Don't stop believin' :)

Also, I am featured again on ATC HERE

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By Travis. If you don't know it/them, download it. They are an amazing band.

Baby, you've been going so crazy,

Lately nothing seems to be going right.

So low, why do you have to get so low?

You're so...You've been waiting in the sun too long.

But if you sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing,

For the love you bring won't mean a thing,

Unless you sing, sing, sing, sing.

Colder, crying over your shoulder,

Hold her, tell her everything's gonna be fine.

Surely, you've been going too early,

Hurry 'cos no-one's gonna be stopped.

Na na na na...

But if you sing, sing, sing, sing sing, sing.

For the love you bring won't mean a thing.

Unless you sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing,

Baby, there's something going on today,

But I say nothing, nothing, nothing,

Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing

But if you sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing,

For the love you bring won't mean a thing

Unless you sing, sing, sing, sing.

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Photo Challenge-Paranormal, Infested, Gates, Cold

photo challenge here
My photo stream for this challenge Here





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My Happy Happy's

Rabbit has awarded me this amazing honor!

ps. I am excited there is a cupcake on this picture :O)

The rules of the game are as such:
A. List 10 things that make you happy.

B. Try to do at least one of them today.

C. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day. (Tag!! You're it!)

D. For those 10 bloggers who get the award, you then link back to my blog and create your own "makes you happy" list.

My Ten Happy's: (random order)

One: MUSIC-playing it, listening to it, writing it, talking about it, seeing it live, recreating it, arranging it, recording it, creating with it, letting it inspire me, letting it motivate me, the ups and downs of it, the ability of it to snatch you from your life as you know it and throw you back in time to a different place and feeling, the power it has on my emotions...everything about it. I am made of 90% music and I would be lost and incomplete with out it.

Two: My JA-90: This may tie with number one but I really don't care. This is my list right?? JA-90 motivates me to play longer and harder, to learn new things and be a better guitar player. He is sooo pretty that every time I walk into my office/music room and see him he takes my breath away. His voice lifts my spirits and when I create something with him I feel at peace.

Three: Coffee-I had to steal this from Rabbit. It's true though. Two years ago have never mentioned this as a "happy" but now..Coffee is a delight. It gets me going, it tastes like heaven. One of my favorite things to do is to go to my local Dunkin Donuts, get a large coffee and sit at the little metal tables they have outside with a friend and just talk. Even if this only lasts twenty minutes, it's still the best time I could ever have. I look forward to a cup...*cough, cough* or two every morning, it's great for long rides home, to share a cup with my hubs or just curl up with a cup and blankie.

Four: My little family- No I don't have kids. Yes, I'm late twenties and married...gasp!! I'm not ready for a child just yet and thats cool for me. My little family consists of my Hubs and my two cats Anthony Jr. and Johnathan. My boys truly, truly make me smile every day.

Five: Jimmy Eat World: Again, this may go with number one... but I have loved J.ew for so long that the music has become apart of me and my life. A part that makes me happy! It's more than just the music... The community that revolves around it. I have met some wonderful people and some of them I call close friends via J.ew. and the their board. Their music continues to touch my soul every day.

Six: Laughter/Silliness-I am so blessed to live with the silliest person I know and work with the second silliest person that I know. I am constantly laughing. It never stops and I LOVE it!

Seven: Reading: I am always reading a book and honestly, I prefer it to telly or cinema. I go on the most amazing adventures when I read. Characters are created through me and a whole new life is lived there. The power of imagination is glorious. Truly my most favorite hobby.

Eight: Creating-I am at my most happy place when I am creating art, music, painting, decorating cakes, taking pictures or just doing something in a creative outlet. The process of planning, creating and completing keep me smiling and the end result of giving is even better of a reward.

Nine: Friends: Sometimes they drive me mad, but I love them all. I have the most thoughtful , caring, kind, and loving friends and I love them all.

Ten: Writing-Be it this blog, my journal or music. It's an outlet that I love. I have used it to keep me sane for as long as I can remember.

Ten bloggers that brighten my day:

1. Rabbit (he has already participated..but oh well)

2. Richard! The Bewildered Brit-So clever that man..I heart him.

3. Becky-The PopEye My bloggy crack dealer

4. Rachel at Creative living She keeps me motivated and shhhhhh...I think she's pretty freakin' amazing.

5. Music Memoirs- They keep me writing about the number one thing I love

6. ATC the Music Never has a blog been so perfect for me :)

7. A & M at The Bumbles Blog- They write about movies, music, THE RED SOX, blogging and books. I AM their target audience :)

8. Malcolm at Pop Culture Dish - He always keeps me entertained and he makes a helluva good compilation :)

9. B at Ciste agus Milseáin My baking buddy. She is so talented and creative and thoughtful. Honored to call her my friend and love reading her blog and seeing the new stuff she is creating.

10. Ricky Gervais- Obviously He makes me laugh. Love him.

Thanks for playing and thanks for my award Rabbit :)


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Challenge Photo-Sidetracked




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"On A Sunday.."

Exciting things happening on PennyLane!
Firstly, I was given permission from this really amazing photographer SergeyPoberezhny to use a Photography prompt for inspiration. Check out his blog over at: Inspired By Light

This prompt/challenge is called: The Billion, Gajillion Word Photography Challange of Doom.

Sergey was given 51 Words from his bloggy readers and his challange is to take a photograph to represent each word/inspired by each word. I love to shoot black and white but I find that my motivation lacks. I feel like I need a reason to go take photos and if I don't have one, with everything else in life it falls on the lower end of the spectrum. This challange will give me just that reason :) So thank you to Sergey for the inspiration and motivation! You shoudl check out his site, seriously, he has a really amazing eye for things.

Here are the words:

night time
Raw Nature
Humans just being
life cycle
Procreative potency

Secondly: My friend from UK sews. She's amazing. She made this really radical Eddie Vedder ragdoll (I can sense BeckEyes ears perking up right now...). It was so darling. Because of my love of Jim she asked for pictures and details and constructed this:

How freakin' cute is he?? The guitar alone is radical! It's exactly like the JA. I wonder if it signed on the back?? My friends are so thoughtful, talented and take good care of me. I am thankful for all of them. You know who you are...and if I have not told you today: I love you


Lastly, this weekend I will be attending two Estate sales and one used book sale. This is the start of my husbands "Next big idea to make huge money" by finding the next cheap find from junk and taking it to antiques roadshow. I'm excited to just go along for the ride. Also, this weekend I am going to start on my Inspiration board for my new craft room. Inspired by Rachel . It's long overdue. Hope everyone else has a great one!

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Music Memoirs Five on Friday

Five on Friday: Play it HERE

Top 5 albums from the last decade that shaped your life

1. Clarity-Jimmy Eat World-Every song means something to me, special. The meanings have changed and continue to change and I STILL play this album in heavy rotation all the time. It's probably my most favourite album ever.

2. Hole -Live Through This- I know that this was out prior to this past decade but it really did shape my life.

3. Travis-The Man Who-Really opened my mind to indie music or music that wasn't mainstream. I found that as I got away from notions that only certain music was cool and opened my mind I found some amazing stuff. Travis was one of them. I have no shame with music now. I love it all and I will tell you.

4. My Chemical Romance-The Black Parade- It's just epic. The writing and tunes and process are amazing. This album is a strong presence because it was there at a time when I was really finding myself :)

5. Pearl Jam-pretty much any album-I am a new Pearl Jam fan. I wonder why this is? Eddie Vedder is seriously amazing and his music touches my heart.

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"Curiouser and Curiouser!"

Once again, I am late, I'm late, for a very important date...

Missed Tuesday Tunes and today I feel like participating :)

Play it HERE!

What tv show uses the best music? This is a tough one..The Vampire Diaries always had really good current artists on the show but I gave up on that show just before the season hiatus. From thinking about it I realize that I really only watch reality type shows now.

So many musicians try their hand at acting, who do you think is the best at it? WILL SMITH. Gettin' jiggy wit it...Love that song. Love, love, love his tv show and he's even more amazing in cinema. That man has so many talents.

What's your favorite music related TV show? Probably American Idol. I don't really watch any other music related shows. I did rather enjoy the Sing Off when it was on.

ALSO, Now that I have your attention..did you know that Hot Topic has a whole line of Alice in Wonderland merch available for purchase. This is in honor of Tim Burton's new film. I am a HUGE fan of Alice. it was my fav. Disney movie as a child. So much that my family had to replace it on two separate occasions because of worn out VHS. I am in love the book as well. I think I just relate to Alice...a special girl in her own world trying to figure out who she is and who she is to be and trying to feel comfortable with that. Such a great movie. Most people give me the raised eyebrow when I say Alice is my fav...apparently lots of folks were creeped out by the film as a child, but not me, it was just my shade of blue :)

Go check it out HERE if interested!

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I Am Featured!

A friend introduced me to this site called ATC The Music. It's so amazing. A group of people submit their art based on and inspired by different song lyrics. Well, of course this is right up my alley! Music and art combined..How deep is my love??

I decided to submit a piece and it was so well recieved. The blog author wrote me with such warmth and excitement and welcomed me to their little blog officially this morning by posting my art.

I hope to contribute more soon. I love this idea and had played around with the notion in many different forms. It's really finding the time..but I want to make more time to do this because it makes me happy :)

And that my friends, makes it worth the world.

See my submission here, in case you missed it...

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Painting, Reading and Gaming..

I was on such a roll with my reading. I managed to read Cold Mountain, The Great Gatsby, The Bell Jar and Geralds Game in less than a week and a half. I was still on that roll on Friday. Trying to knock The Little Stranger out of the park when I was in such a rush to leave the hell I call work. I drove an hour to my township where I reside and I stopped at the local blockbuster to drop off a movie I had rented. Pull in, park, turn off car, exit car, open passenger side door to obtain book bag which held said movie and my current book, Wowza.

Bookbag was not there. In my rush to exit work I left it sitting on my desk chair. I was a little pissy. I was seriously craving that book this weekend. I started reading my favourite book ever: Pride and Prejudice, again in the meantime.

Due to my lack of book I did accomplish some other things that I had put on hold for awhile. I painted five or six artworks with song lyrics on them. I kept two for myself with Jim lyrics, of course, on them. The others were requests from friends/family. I am happy with the end results. Here is my favourite:

I also got to play one of my games that I was gifted at Christmas for the first time. It is called Fear. Yes, I know this has been out for awhile but I had never really played. It is reminiscent of Call of Duty (which I love) with an insane twist. For those who don't know you play a man who is apart of a group called First Encounter Assualt Recon. You are sent out to clean up any sort of paranormal activity. Your mission in the game is to find this crazy man who was doing some research at a warehouse and killed a bunch of folks and ate them. Yup, you heard that right.My brudder was constantly talking about how creepy this game is. So yesterday I turned out all the lights, turned up the telly and played. I will say, I screamed out loud twice. The game is more intense than anything. You go into a room and stuff just randomly falls off of shelves and they flash random bloody pictures on the screen, let you hear weird voices and most of the game is DARK. You have a flash light. The whole time the anticipation of what was going to pop out at me keep me nervous. I will say I played until about the fourth mission in one sitting because I was addicted that quickly but I got lost in the warehouse and after passing the same generator six times I quit.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Time to get back on the reading horse..

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Music Memoirs, Five on Friday!

Great topic over at Music Memoirs today! I really had to think about this for a bit. Feel free to play along in the comments if you wish. I love hearing all of your answers, for those who participate. Music is my fav. topic of conversation <3

Top 5 On Friday - Week 226
Top 5 band members that are neither the lead singer or the lead guitarist (well..there goes Jim). (feel free to tell us why you chose them too!) Here we go:

Number One/A: Rick Burch of Jimmy Eat World- BASS-Rick is pretty much bad ass on bass. Plus he is seriously, probably the nicest person you will ever meet. Ever. Such a stand up guy. He rocks out with the best of them.

Number Two/B: Dominic Howard of Muse-DRUMS- Everyone from the band Muse is amazing. All three of them! They make the most amazing and complex music. Their albums kick serious ass and the crazy/insane part of all this talking up, is Live..they are even BETTER! Dom is complete bad assery on drums and he is just so darn cute. You just wanna eat him right up like a snack treat..

Number Three/C: Dougie Payne of Travis-BASS-I can't say enough great things about Travis. I first saw them in the late nineties. They opened for Oasis. I was skeptical when they came out but they blew me away! The very next day following the show I went out and purchased two of their albums and fell in love with every song. Since then Hubs and I catch them every time they come to the states and keep up on their musical progress. Dougie is very interactive at live shows with the fans, keeps everyone laughing and he rocks out with the best of them. Love, love, love him.

Number Four/D: Brian Bell of Weezer-Rhythm Guitar-Brian Bell is a pretty radical guitar player. He keeps Rivers in check and helps write some incredibly catchy-ass songs. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bell but he always has this amazing smile on his face and seems so pleasant and warm. It's eye catching and makes you smile while listening/watching.

Number Five/E: Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance-SECOND GUITAR-Frank is last but not least. He is the smallest guy on earth I think, he is actually one inch shorter than myself and I am hobbit sized. His Bad Assery-ness is supa dupa large though. He rips and shreds on guitar almost as hard as the great Matt Bellamy himself. It's intriguing to watch. He is also one of those artists that really feels the music and what he's playing and he takes you on this insane crazy journey everytime you see him play.

Thanks for reading! Hope you play along!

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He Lurks....

Jacked this from a lovebug called Rabbit. If you are not aware already, he is amazing. You should pop in for a visit some time <3

So I missed this yesterday. I had some unfortunate luck of finding out that Matt Bellamy's Manson guitar was on pre-sale and that it was, in fact, sold out. I had to double post because of this. So here it is: Delurker Day! And YES, I am late. Are you at all surprised folks?? My motto is that famous line from Alice in Wonderland.."I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date.."

Delurker Day: This is a chance for all of you bloggie readers that stop by and just read posts rather than comment to say Hello. Don't be shy my darlings. Every blogger loves comments and loves to know that someone out there is listening to their ramblings..well I guess I should speak for myself. If you read my blog, leave a comment. You can ask me a question or tell me something random about yourself or myself. I like to know who is reading. Mainly because I like to read the people who read me. I respond to most every comment I get on here. I love knowing you all and your thoughts and interests accompanied with your replies to mine. To me, the blogger/reader relationship is very important. I like talking to you all. So, talk to me my darlings. Delurk yourself, and if you comment regularly and aren’t lurking, you can still tell me a random fact about yourself. I heart random.

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