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God Bless Eddie Vedder.

Lyrical Genius.

Freaking Amazing.

"I'm Your Biggest Fan..Baby There's No Other Superstar.."

Have you ever known anyone that is so freaking immaculate that you find yourself unable to formulate a thought in their presence?? I mean, folks that make you question your own fabulous-ness??

Meet my gay, 711 cashier. Actually, strike that, he is a "manager". I know this because he is always putzing about with reports and he wears normal clothes and no 711 smock. Anyway, regardless....He is just beautiful. He looks Italian or something else slightly exotic, wears amazingly stylish clothes, his hair is just perfection and his smile looks like a dentists wet dream. He seriously could jump out from behind the counter and jump onto the GQ magazine displayed up front. Just dashing.

I frequent 711. A lot. Almost everyday for coffee. Usually it is ass early in the morning, my hair is out of control, my makeup not done yet, I am half asleep (remember?? no coffee yet) and I stumble in to become human for the day. It is a rare occasion that I see the "manager". This morning I walk in and I felt like a big pile of hot mess standing in front of him. He smiled when he asked how I was this morning and I actually stuttered: "f-f-fine". I had to then ask him for my smokes of choice and I forgot what kind I usually get because I was lost in his fantastic-ness.
What a show! Or in this case, A Broadway Musical!

I had to laugh at myself, which actually is a reoccurring event anyway. This has happened once before to me. Only I was not able to formulate any sentences. Upon my first meeting Jim I giggled like Krusty the Clown from the Simpson, almost burned him with a my cigarette-which I did NOT smoke...I just kind of held it there (My brain told me to throw it out but my hand didn't listen) and I completely giggled in his face at all of the questions he asked me. Pretty sure he thought I was a Make-A-Wish-Foundation kid getting my dream come true.

*Sigh* must be hard to be so damn beautiful.

*title-lady gaga-paparazzi

Music Memoirs, Tuesday Tunes!

Tuesday Tunes: Week 103
The theme this week is concerts:

What's the best concert you've attended? That is a tough one. I have been to so many. I would have to say Jimmy Eat World 2/24/09 in DC. Or Hootie in the Blowfish, free Rockville show. It was amazingly brilliant.

What's your dream concert lineup? Frightened Rabbit, Travis, Hole, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Muse with Jimmy Eat World closing. Wowzaaaas..

Smallest/largest concert you've attended: Smallest show-Probably Sonar Jimmy Eat World show. Largest-Madonna at MCI Center.

One artist you'd like to see in concert: Muse, again. I was too far away the first time so I missed quite a bit.

Wedding Cake

Hold the Wheel and Drive..

"i thought to myself, well, i have wasted my whole life up to this moment. any other car i've ever been in was just to get me here, any road i've ever been on was just to get me here, any other passenger seat i've ever sat on, i was just riding here. i barely recognized the girl sitting next to me, screaming along to the piano solo.

i thought, there is nowhere else in the universe i would rather be at this moment. there is nowhere else i could imagine wanting to be beside here in this car, with this girl, on this road, listening to this song. if she breaks my heart, no matter what the hell she puts me through, i can say it was worth it, just because of right now. out the window is a blur and all i can really hear is this girl's hair flapping in the wind and maybe if we drive fast enough the universe will lose track of us and forget to stick us somewhere else. "

Music Memoirs Weekend Edition!

Music Memoirs!!!

Play it HERE!

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell uswhy you picked the songs you did)

1. Drive-Incubus "Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be thereWith open arms and open eyes",,.lots and lots and lots of driving this weekend.

2. Dustland Fairytale-The Killers "Change came in disguise of revelation, set his soul on fire She says she always knew he'd come around".... just because..

3. Paparazzi-Lady Gaga-"I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me..Promise I'll be kind But I won't stop until that boy is mine" ..... >:) yupp...

4. Polaris-Jimmy Eat World "When you go, I'll let you be But you're killing everything in me"...sad endings...

5. Three Little Birds-Bob Marley-"Don't worry about a thing, 'Cause every little thing gonna be all right!".....This always makes me happy, in any situation

6. Don't Leave Me Now-Elvis-"Don't break my heart This heart that loves you They'll just be nothing for me If you should leave me now"...

7. Here With Me-Did0-"I won't go, I won't sleep I can't breathe, until you're resting here with me I won't leave, I can't hide I cannot be"....surrounded all weekend but alone a lot. :(

8. You're So Last Summer-Taking Back Sunday-"And all I need to know is that I'm something you'll be missin".....It's a valid question. You know when you miss someone and think of them often..don't you ever wonder if they are doing the same?

9. It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To-Leslie Gore-"Playin' my records, keep dancin' all night Leave me alone for a while' Till Johnny's dancin' with me I've got no reason to smile"....Because it was my party damnit!

10. I Miss You-Incubus "So would I be out of line if I said I miss you."

"We Wait for The Sun.."

Currently...This Weekend

Currently: Insanely busy, driving everywhere in Maryland
Currently doing, at this second: Not what I should be..I need to do work on my final before going out again today..
Currently listening: *sigh* Walk Away by Jim Adkins
Currently Reading: for those three minutes before I pass out at night..My Life is A Mixed Tape by Rob Sheffield
Currently Feeling: Insanely loved <3

My Life in Pictures..On a Friday Part Two

Big Day!

Today's the big day!

It's been interesting thus far. Since this blog is properly titled: The Winter of Our Discontent it is only right that I start it out with some bitterness.

Number one/A: It's freaking humid. Merry land weather is redick.

Number two/B: I can not decide what to do this evening. I have plans but then plans were changed and now I have options and when faced with options I like to ignore the fact that I am in charge of picking and hide in a corner. Gah..

Number three/C: This is the big one:
Several co-workers, who I don't even talk to on a daily basis and I am pretty sure don't even like me have come up to say Happy DOB. Thats fine. It's actually very civil. I appreciate it. But I like to keep shit real folks. Three of them have followed the "Happy DOB" with: "I didn't know it was your birthday today, you should have told me!!".

Really? Why? Because you were going to run home and construct me a hand made card?

Keep shit real.

Now that that is out of the way!
I will say I am so very fortunate to have so many people who care about me. I have had so many invitations today to do things with people it's overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who made me feel special! I also share my DOB with a special gal I have known for over ten years. She is a carbon copy of me in many ways, yet so different in others. We just work together and thats all that matters really! So, to poots: Last year of our twenties...lets do something crazy this go out on Sunday...after 8 pm!! :) Happy Birthday, I love, love, love you!

I think I received one of the most thoughtful gifts ever: Snack purchased me a jar of pickles and a jar of olives!

Jessapiller-always gets me something incredibly radical because we are both big kids. First of all my card from Jzill said: Happy Birthday Grandma. ha ha haha. I also got some really rad guitar necklaces. Including a red one like my JA! Also a bag full of crazy items from the party aisle. Jzill knows me too well.

Other than this I got some delivered flowers, a Coca-cola classic and a gift card, a really awesome necklace and after work I am thinking I will stop by the old Best Buy and finally pick up that ipod touch I have been wanting. I have been asking for it for two years now and finally got the go ahead. Since I am the computer savvy one in my home I get to go pick it out. I am really torn as to which one I should go with. An ipod classic or a touch. The touch does have built in wifi. Again, decisions I can not decide. Good thing I will have a co-pilot with me to help make up my mind.

"I Always Believed in Futures.."

I've got nothing this week folks. You would think since tomorrow is my date of birth I would have tons of stuff to spew about but honestly I don't. It's been a busy week thus far and I am just looking forward to the end of day tomorrow. I have taken off on Friday to have a long weekend. Some things I have planned and/or foresee in my immediate future:

-I am pretty sure I am going to attempt to bowl at some point this weekend. I have not been bowling since I was five years old. I am extremely clumsy so this should make for good fun and times had by all.

-My favourite out of state friend is in town, as we speak, so I can guarantee that we will be finding some type of trouble to get into. Pointless drives to nowhere will def. be in the mix. Those are the best aren't they? Music, wind, talking, life, just being. *sigh*

-I am also seeing Carvel Ice Cream Cake in my immediate future.

-I will be the proud owner of a new ipod touch soon. Oh ipod touch, how do I love thee? How I yearn for thee?? *sigh*

Yeah, I think thats about it..For something completely unreleated and rando..Driving home from cake class Monday and I heard the most interesting news to date. My local radio station is running a contest to win tickets to an upcoming Muse show. (Actually it's a U2 show and Muse is opening). Thats pretty rad isn't it? Well there is more! If you win tickets you also get a chance to win a private tour of the Air and Space Museum in the District with Matt Bellamy and co.

I think I gasped out loud. Matt Bellamy...I would piss my pants. He is god. Forget air and space museum buy me some lunch and teach me how to play Supermassive on guitar good buddy!!

Whatta man..

Music Memoirs, Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes: Week 102

Play it HERE!
The VMAs got me thinking (no nothing about Kayne West). I seldom see any artists I like in the running for any awards. So this week, let's create a mini award show.

Tell us who would win:

Best New Artist: Lady Gaga. Yes, she is a nutter but I love her music. It's great pop.
Best Video: Uprising-Muse, Dustland Fairytale-The Killers
Best Album: The Resistance-Muse
Best Female Artist: Taylor Swift
Best Male Artist: Kanye West. For arguments sake, he's an ass hat but he does write an amazing song and put together a great album. Deal with it folks.

want to add a category of your own? Go ahead!
Best Indie Album: Frightened Rabbit-Midnight Organ Fight or Ode to J. Smith-Travis
Breakout Artist: Silverspun Pickups
Best Band Ever in the Whole World, Ever in the History of history: JIMMY EAT WORLD.
ha ha ha ha...okay, that's a stretch :) But I do love, love, love them <3

My Life in Pictures....On a Friday...

Harry Potter Cake!


All fondant pieces are hand sculpted

Music Memoirs: Five on Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!

Play the Music Memoirs HERE!

Top 5 bands you wish would reunite

-Hole- I was in love, love, love with Courtney Love in high school. She is the reason I bought my first guitar and wanted to be a rock star. She's seriously amazing and her albums changed my life.

-Rage Against the Machine. For real this time..

-The Toadies-Such quality! "I come from the water..."

--JOURNEY- With Steve Perry. You gotta have "the Perry".

-The Silverbeats-A pretty popular Japanese Beatles cover band. I just heard they broke up. Sucks because their show I attended last year was probably the most fun I have had at a gig in forever!

"..Hold On To That Feeling.."

In case anyone was deeply disturbed with worry about my mobile delivery I am here to inform you. My door did not fly off the hinges and I did not lose my signage in the mud due to torrential downpours. In fact, I got my phone. It's like a very tiny rocket ship. I am still trying to work it out. I'll get there. One day. Story of my life.

Anyone else mad about Glee? It's new on Wednesday nights on Fox. I love, love, love music so of course I am already addicted to it. Last night I saw preview for the new episode airing later that night. Of course since they have been marketing the show with the Glee clubs version of Don't Stop Believing everywhere I immediately busted out into a full on duet with hubs. From our couch. We would have made Steve Perry proud.

Always an adventure at my house.

I seriously can not stress how much I am so over this week. I'm over it. Done. Time drags on at work, longest days ever..then when I get off at five I have no time to do anything!!!

Tonight I have to drive out of my way to feed my friends cats (he's been out of town all week). This will put me behind in time immediately, then home where I should be working out but I don't have time for that..I have to make a ten inch round chocolate cake, filled, a dozen cupcakes, pipe out a large Harry Potter on to plexi glass to freeze, and ice and decorate all cakes.


ps. Is it Friday yet??

pps. Beth and Rachel-have fun at the solo show. Take pics and let me know! I will be there in spirit!

"With a Little Sweet and Simple Numbing Me.."

What a loooooonnnggg week folks! Phew!

This will be a bitter sweet post. I am excited and happy about a few key things, yet I am still a little peeved about others. Funny how the human female works? Or maybe it's just me?

Either way, here it goes, you want the Bitter or the Sweet first?

Too bad, I'll pick since it's my effin' blog. You get bitter.

So, I have had some major, serious issues with a particular someone in my life. We just don't get on well, yet we are bound by a force much greater than human choice. I have to dance lightly on this subject so this is all I can give you to set this up. Just know, myself and this person have not gotten on in the past but we have to learn to get over it.

We talk very rarely but when we do I try to be short and sweet. Short and sweet...thats all me.
So yesterday I had to shoot an email to this person. I was obliged. I decided to take the high road and write a nice, healthy email that was much nicer than it needed to be.

Her response was: a two worded email. It was almost as if the response was antagonizing me with sarcasm. I wrote a healthy email..with a greeting, I inquired about things, I was nice and all you give back is like a: hey thanks. Not even a closing??? GAH

I have two issues here. Number one/a: I expect too much of folks
Number two/b: I need to just write it off. Don't let it bother me.

Okay, on to the Sweetness:

Today, I get a new phone. I have an EnV. Part One. It's a big clunker, keyboard phone. It's only about two years old but it's all beat up since I lost the case and was too cheap to purchase another, the lights don't work on it anymore-makes night drives all the more fun, and it is like deteriorating. Seriously. Little bits of it just randomly chunk off.

So today, as we speak, the FedEx Man (sorry, I'm not a feminist) is delivering my new LG EnV Touch to my home. Really, he is. I just tracked. It's on the truck for delivery.

Of course, I am an asshat so it didn't cross my mind that I would not be at home to receive said phone during delivery and of course you need a signature. The smarter Penny would have had them deliver the phone to my work. Instead, I was told to leave a note on my door, with signature, instructing the FE man to leave it.

With my luck, we will have torrential downpours in my township, my glass/screen door will be ripped from it's locked position and fly open allowing the rain to hit my note and slowly peel the tape from the door, causing the signage to fall into a mud pile and then causing the FE man to know none the wiser and take my phone with him when he leaves.

Only time will tell.

ps. Is it Friday yet?

*lyrics by Jim Adkins-Sweetness

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