Gumpaste Final!

"Wanna Hurt Me Baby, Stop Cause You Have.."

I had a crazy weekend. Yesterday would you believe that I was baking/decorating from 3 until 10 pm?? I am not exaggerating. I had to bake a cake and cover it with fondant for my final this evening. Make gumpaste flowers and fondant decorations. I had to bake/decorate two dozen oreo cakes for my little New Hampshire princess' date of birth, I also wanted to practice the frozen butter cream technique that I need to pull off for My Snacks date of birth in September. I was very worried about pulling it off, it seemed complicated from the directions. Turns out it came out beautifully and I loved it so much I didn't want to trash it. So I baked another cake, iced it and transferred the Harry Potter design on.

My weekend ended with talking to an out of state friend. We always have the most rando phone conversations which is why I love talking to him. We had a sort-of debate on the topic of Soul mates. Curious about other peoples thoughts on this subject. I think it really depends on the persons definition of soul mate. To me, soul mate does not just refer to the romantic sense, or sex. It is when you meet someone and everything clicks. You are puzzle piece A and they are puzzle piece B. It just fits. It just works. Also, everything else kind of falls away when A and B are together. You can be your complete self and you have a sense of safety and comfort when around this person, and you feel at your best when around them. They aid you in being your best and they truly care.

To continue on: I feel that people can have more than ONE soul mate. I don't believe that old adage thought that there is only one person for everyone. I think you can have a connection with more than one person and this is regardless of sex. Two friends could be soul mates. Again, this is where our debate got heated: I do not associate sexual feelings and romance in with this soul mate category. I mean why does everything have to associate with sex? You can connect with someone without getting naked right?

The debate continued on with confusion on the other end of the line. Is this that odd? To think that one can have more than one soul mate? My lovely did admit that he found that he was biased and not really well equipped to give the debate a proper go because he felt as if he had never found a soul mate. In any form. :(

That just makes me sad so we promptly changed the subject. To what I do not know...but probably something equally as interesting, like the price of cucumbers at Shop Rite.

So thoughts??? Lets hear them folks.
*lyrics by Jim Adkins

"Betwixt the Sun and Sea.."

I have been waiting for awhile to see Adventureland. Mostly because I think Bill Hader is the most talented and darling man I have seen in the past several years and partly because I wanted to see if Kristen Stewart had range.

Well..before I get all negative nelly on you, the soundtrack was amazing! The movie was set in the 80's which equals tons of awesome 80's stuff like Jesus and the Mary Chain (*sigh), Velvet Underground, Bowie and the Cure. Plus some pop greats like: Your Love by the Outfield, Don't Dream It's Over-Crowded House, Point of No Return-Expose, Let the Music Play-Shannon and so much more. You can't go wrong here.

Bill Hader did not disappoint. I also loved the cutesy innocence of the lead actor. As for range. I have seen almost all of her films by default (ie. great director, or another actor that I like). In all of these films she is the same person. It's like she just acts like herself yet I am always hearing about acclaim and praise for her skills. Are we watching the same gal here folks??? Gah, who knows.

The point of the post: Not a bad movie, funny, sweet, interesting, amazing tunes. Worth the watch :)

*lyrics by Jesus and the Mary Chain-Taste of Cindy

Done and Done!

A very lovely man called Sean Adkins did this for me yesterday. I'm in love with it :)

"You're On My Radar.."

I love, love, love shoes.
Well...and bags..
but shoes have always been my first love. I have two new items of news to share that involve shoes that I am very stoked about.
I am sure I am way late on this news train for some of you but it's news to me damnit!

Anyone watch Project Runway? I am so addicted to that show. My favorite all time contestant, Christian Soriano, who hales from Annapolis Maryland (*cough, cough), you know him-"Fierce", won season four, he has signed a deal with PAYLESS to design a line of shoes. Holy smokes!!
He is so amazingly talented so I am excited to see what he comes up with. Read all about it

Next item of business..Britney Spears. I know a lot of folks love, love, love to hate the old gal but I personally adore her. Always have. Even when she went nutso and beat that Sports Utility Vehicle with an umbrella (atta girl!). Love her! Think what you want but she puts out an insanely good pop album, like no other and is on constant rotation on my ipod, especially if you need some motivation for working out. Excuse me while I step down from my soap box. Britney is peddling some new shoes for Candies. They sell at Kohls.
ASIDE: I am on the fence about Kohls but that is neither here nor there..
I digress..The shoes are DARLING!! (and affordable)
Me likes the pair below *wink*

A Second Opinion

I am a HUGE Jimmy Eat World fan, for those who do not already know this. I have a tattoo of the headphones logo on my right wrist. I have always, always, always wanted a lyric tattoo. My most favourite song ever is called If You Don't, Don't. It's quoted on the side of my blog, come to think of it.

My favourite line is: "for every penny that you could". Hmm..wonder why?

I have not gone in pursuit of this lyrical tattoo as of yet because I am not sure where to get it. I don't like a lot of flashy tattoos. I have two on my back, one on my left wrist and one on my right.

They are all relatively small. The problem is: I want the tattoo but I want it somewhere folks can see it :) But I'm not into arm tatts, ankle tatts..etc. I really like the wrist thing. So after speaking with Amber ( I consult before every decision) I am thinking that I could put the lyrics under my logo tatt with a treble clef, since it's a lyric AND I play guitar.

This is what I'm rocking:

This is the exact font and layout of what I want to rock..

So what do you think about under? Too much?
I think I'm gonna end up going for it.

"What's Wrong Baby?"

I know everyone is dying to know how my weekend I will summarize.

Firstly, went out with my bitches after work on Friday. Don't gasp just yet folks, our Friday night out was a trip to Build A Bear Workshop. ha ha ha ha.. I live on the edge. You know it!

It was a great time, aside from the rain. We each built a bear (I know, right??) and I bought a tiny microphone for my Jim Bear that I made last year. *ASIDE* When I paid for the bear the cashier asked if it was Jim which I gasped audibly and replied: NO...Adkins. Look it up!
The nerve :)

So after my BABW experience had Number Four at Hunan for dinner. Saturday I went to see Inglorious Basterds. I am not a fan of Quinton Tarintino. At all. I don't get the whole cult following of Pulp Fiction. It's just not for me. I had my doubts going in. Plus, the movie looked really violent. I wasn't sure if I would be able to stomach that. I will say, pleasantly surprised folks. I thought the movie was amazing. Well written, great acting (Brad Pitt, Eli Roth) and awesome cinematography. Out of 10 I give it a 10!

Following the movie I went to my local craft shop and purchased the canvas so I could paint some art for my new and improved master bathroom. We have been remodeling it for several weeks and it was finally ready to go. Both of my bathrooms in my home are decorated in Black and White. My B&W photography is displayed as the artwork. To switch it up, I painted 6 black, white and gray canvases. They came out looking great and really adds flavor to that loo.

To end my weekend I had to colour some gumpaste because tonight's class focuses on four different gum paste flowers. In a few weeks I was asked to make a friends birthday cake. She loves Harry Potter so I have decided to do a 10 inch round cake with Harry Potter on top and 12 cupcakes with HP themed toppers. I whipped up a batch of marshmallow fondant and started on sculpting some of the Harry Potter cupcake toppers. I made some snitches, the sorting hat, a wand and a quill. It was good fun. I would post pictures and/or say more about this but I can not. My darling Snack sometimes reads this blog and my cake blog and I don't want to give too much away, as this is a surprise. I am excited for her to see the finished products and to show everyone my work. I am now pretty thankful that I took three years of Ceramics 1-3 and Sculpture in high school. Helps with molding/shaping fondant and gumpaste :)

I hope everyone elses weekend was as lovely as mine. Can't wait to get to cake class and show off my new bag :)
Breathe ladies..just breathe.... I know it's amazing..

Music Memoirs

I have really been slacking off with Music Memoirs.

Alas, I do love it like a fat kid loves cake :)

Play it HERE!

Top 5 On Friday: Week 236
Top 5 artists that you hope will put out a better album then their last.

I can only really think of one major disappointment. I don't usually buy whole albums unless I really dig the band. I just d/l singles here and there. The bands I really dig I usually love the music anyway, or it grows on me *cough, cough..The Killers*

1. Keane-Perfect Symmetry was just god awful. Why Keane? Why?

"I Wanna Talk Tonight.."

I'm a shuffle kind of gal. I have way too many choices and I am too much of a Libra to actively select my music on a daily basis. I do have playlists but I tire of them easily and do not upkeep with them as much as I ought.

So, listening to my ipod, on shuffle, and a song came on that immediately transported me to another time and place..inducing a sadness that have long since past.

Music is huge part of my life, not just in the listening part, but writing, playing, I was born and raised (thanks ma) with the radio on 24/7 and some form of music remains in life 24/7. It is amazing to me how the power of music can invoke memories, feelings, emotions, sights, smells, etc. I am a psych major/graduate. I get negative/positive association, but when it happens with music, it's always stronger with me, anyway.

So I'm curious (like a cat), Do any of you have music associations? A song that just takes you to another place and time, to where if you close your eyes it could almost be real?

A few of mine...
Syndicate-The Fray-The return back to work after Philly trip. I was first introduced to this song on this day, lyrically. This song rips my heart apart every time I hear it.

Fly-Lenny Kravitz- I am not a fan of LK, at all. This song was huge during the summer of early college. A time when my best friend and I would take rando drives to nowhere. When I hear this I am back in my Ford Temp, with no A/C, on a hot summer day, going to Twin Kiss for a milkshake after Crim. Justice class. The scenic route. ha ha.

Hang-Matchbox Twenty-Driving to the hospital before my grandpa died. Tough to hear this one still...years later.

At The Stars-Better Than Ezra-Storage, band practice, hanging out, hoodie jackets, playing JA, sunlight in my eyes, cold hands, smoking cigarettes with J on the stoop-(jobro)

A Sunday-Jimmy Eat World-Driving to my new home after my first visit to my Ma's house, since moving. It was the first time I realized: I don't live here anymore. My home, is not my home anymore. It was a horrid. A loss in a way. Jim is my comfort voice so I listened to the Clarity album on the hour drive through scenic St. Mary's.

*title-lyrics by oasis

Employee of the Day

So normally I post a Patient of the Day when I get really priceless patient humor.

Today, I have employee humor. For starters: Every diagnosis has a three to five digit universal code attached to it. It makes it easier to process claims and information in the medical world.

Yesterday a patient came in to be treated for a cat bite.

The doctor coded this visit and diagnosed the Patient A with: "Cat Bite".

Sounds great right?


For insurance companies you need to be SPECIFIC. I scrub all tickets before they go out the door so when I came across this I quickly pulled out my ICD-9 Book. (if you don't know it..look it's amazing). To properly code this it is classified as an Open Wound site specific. Which means I need to know the area on the body that Patient A was bit, in order to get a code out of it.

I promptly called the secretary of the Doc of Patient A since this bit of information was no where to be found.

Me: "Could you tell me where Patient A was bitten by the cat yesterday?"

Secretary: "In a country store in Pennyslvania."

Me: "Wowza"

I can easily see how this miscommunication occurred...but I had to laugh.

Mixed Tape Love

I was asked to do one of my favorite things to do last eve. Make a buddy a musical compiliation cd based on what I think they would be into. The one restriction: Only light 80's pop from my vast music collection. I got to work straight away and my result, was a massive ROCK out on the drive in to work.

Hall and Oates, ALWAYS deserves a repeat. Thrice, folks.

I figured since for once in my life I have absolutely nothing to say about anything today I would just share the track listing because it really is pure 80's magic.

Here it goes:

-Secret Lovers-Atlantic Starr

I Get Weak-Belinda Carlisle

-When Doves Cry-Prince

-Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone-Glass Tiger featuring Bryan Adams. (Initals B.A. for Bad ASSERY)

-You Make My Dreams Come True-Hall and Oates

-Nothings Gonna Stop Us-Jefferson Starship

-Missing You-John Waite

-Broken Wings-Mr. Mister

-Always Something There to Remind Me-Naked Eye

-Everytime You Go Away-Paul Young

-Jessies Girl-Rick Springfield

-Heart and Soul-T'Pau

-I Can't Fight This Feeling Any Longer-REO Speedwagon

-To Be With You-Mr. Big

-I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight-Cutting Crew

-Hungry Eyes-Eric Carmen

-Promises, Promises-Naked Eye

-If You Leave-OMD

Feeling Loved...

Came back after a long weekend. Guess what was on my desk this morning?

No, not two days worth of work and a ton of phone messages.
Well, yes, that AND,

One of my office girls traveled to visit her hometown of New Hampshire last week and brought me a little gift. In fact, everytime she travels up north she usually stops to pick me up some Sox goodies since I am a die hard. :)

I feel extra loved today thanks to my little New Englander :)

First Fondant Cake!

An Intimate Peeve....

This is probably the weirdest thing to blog about but it is a constant irritation..The Loo.

Yes, folks, the bathroom. I have yet, another, peeve about the loo. I was complaining aloud this morning to an office mate and I realized that I have quite a few issues with bathroom etiquette.

No one talks about this stuff. This is not just your frustrations about men leaving the seat up..I'm over this. I have so many new peeves acquired from my work that surpass this aged old peeve.

Here it Goes:

Of course, these are all relative to my employment, but I am sure they are universal :)
Peeve Number One: How to say this politely.... Leaving your remnants on the seat. I work with about 45 females and 6 males. All of these aforementioned males are 45 and up and had P.h.D's in Medicine. One of them delivers inner office mail and specimens between four sites. Of these 6 GROWN, Educated males, three of them appear to enter the loo, not the lift (I'm over it..), unzip and proceed, WHILE doing the twist. Then they flush and leave the loo. The result: MADNESS.
Seriously??? After 45 years of going in a GIANT round circle you still can't make it in there. It's not like a bulls eye. The circumference is pretty grand. You got a lot of room to work with. Whats going on boys??
Honestly..just clean up after yourself.

Peeve Number Two: Company: This is not really a peeve, but a mere frustration at the lack of privacy lately at work. Our loo's at work are Single Rooms. One door, one lock, one person. I am the ass end of a running joke at work (typical) about company in the on and see why: I have had TWO patients go into the loo with me. Sounds odd right...well it felt odd. Just last Friday one of our DSM -IV challenged patients was in and I went to go into the loo and I passed her in the hall so she quickly trailed behind me and just entered the loo with me. I turned to shut the door and there she was! Hanging out. I was a little shocked so I said: "Um..would you like to use this?"
She replied, very nonchalantly mind you, with: "I just need to wash the alcohol off of my stomach".
Oooooookay buddy. I just left. No questions. Feel free. Just let me exit before you start.
My favorite office mate told me that early in the week she was washing her hands, door open, but some rando dude walked in and shut the door and was going to go to town with her there!!!
She said she had to say: Whoa Buddy!
He replied: Should I just go?
To keep with this: Another office mate has found construction workers in our ceiling when she has gone into the loo. They are doing a lot of remodeling here and have to rewire stuff in the ceiling but how about a sign that states: Out of Order while you're up there? Thanks.
Thankfully, on BOTH occasions she was not utilizing the toilet just fixing her hair and washing hands, but still. No heads up. From these experiences I triple check the locking mechanism and look UP and DOWN before any activity. ha ha.

Peeve Number Three: Knocking. Okay...I really don't get this...Walk with me now:
-You are approaching a single bathroom door.
-You can clearly see that a light is on. "Hello Red Flag Number One!" Someone just may be utilizing this one.
-You reach for the handle and begin to turn, just to check, sometimes folks leave the light on and shut the door, you can't be too sure. HALT. The door is LOCKED. "Oh, Ello Red Flag Number Two!" Someone is definitely in there.
Your next step would be to:
Number one/a: walk away
Number two/b: wait patiently
Number three/c: look for another, unoccupied, loo
Why, in the wide world of sporting events do some folks then opt to KNOCK.
Door shut, light on, door locked.... Step away. No knocking!!
The person in the loo is left with that awkward freeze. What to say, what to say?
Silence, then the nervous: "Someones in here", in hopes that the idiot on the other side hears them, and then you feel rushed.
But really, you shouldn't have to announce that someones in here because the freaking the door is LOCKED. Arrgggggggghhh
Okay, I feel a little better.
So Happy Friday and weekend. Look before you leap folks!

RIP Les Paul

Just Heard the News.. :(

First Fondant Blue Print

For anyone interested, I started a second blog with just cake stuff on it. I wanted an area that I could put more pictures up and have them all in consecutive order. It's a lot easier to browse through than looking at my blog. Also, to be honest a lot of people don't have my blog url so sometimes I don't want to give this one out. If interested in cakes check it out here!

I have just started Gum Paste and Fondant course. For lesson two we are to bring a dirty iced cake in. We will learn covering it with fondant, draping, and using the punch to put designs on fondant. The techniques I am eager to learn but I don't like them much for my own cake. I know it's a practice cake but with the amount of time energy and money put into these fondant cakes I don't want to drape it with something I don't like.

I can't just do a craft or a cake for the hell of it. Or just make a mosh posh of items on a cake to practice. I fully intend to practice these techniques in class but I don't want to keep them apart of my project cake. I will participate but then politely ball them up and return them to fondant heaven. I think that is reasonable. I blue printed a few ideas for the cake I would like to do.

All in all, after reading the book I am a little disappointed in what we will learn. There is no gum paste rose on the menu. There is this bizarre-o flower called a Fantasy Flower that looks horrid that we will learn. We also don't really even touch base with gum paste figures. I know this is just your basic sculpture techniques (glad I had three years of this in High School) but still...I thought it would be more than fondant hankies, draping and odd flowers.

So I guess this time around I will be pissing off the instructor by doing my own thing again.

Is It Over Yet?

I feel so disheveled this morning. Firstly, we are painting our family room and the master bath in my home. This means all of my furniture is pushed together in the center of the family room, which made for interesting telly watching last evening. I am now required to utilize the guest bathroom since the master is off limits. It's so very awkward in there. I am naturally clumsy so new surroundings has bad news written all over it.

I come into work today and try to get started on work and the folks next door at Medical Records popped in with their giant folder of MR to scan. This means I get to go desk hunting. I have to walk around searching for an empty desk that I wouldn't be bothering folks if I took it over for the morning until about noon hour. I'm pretty sure I have explained this but if not, here it goes again: I own the ONLY scanner in my company. I use it everyday to scan over fee tickets, numbers and EOB's to our billing office, located in India. They have recently updated our company to an EMR (electronic medical record for those not medical savvy). This requires all out of practice paperwork to be scanned into the EMR. Ideally they are looking at eventually getting rid of the paper chart. This sounds magical in theory. In reality it's a nightmare. There are so many patients and so many files and ONE scanner. Which is located at MY desk. Myself and my favourite Doc Smithers have been fighting for the "man" to buy us additional scanners. Seems folks here do not like to dislocate me as much as I do not like it.

Right now they have a schedule between the MR folks and they get to use my desk in the morning because I technically do not use the scanner portion until the afternoon. It's frustrating for me. I have to pack all of things up and it's frustrating to just find an empty computer. I was moved twice today already so I am feeling extra disheveled today.

Is anyone else just burnt out from this week? I'm ready for it to be over!

Words of Wisdom by Dr. Suess

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"

"You would worry less about what people think if you knew how little they did."

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind"

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams"

"A person's a person, no matter how small"

"Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them"

"So Close Your Eyes and Just Settle, Settle.."

Today is never ending.

It seems like the longest day of my life! Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it is slowly creeping by.

It's only 2:00. I have one more hour until I can go on break. Three more hours until I can leave this place and about four more hours until I arrive home. Which is not really a comfort to me at this point because I then have to work out. I've been slacking lately. Not staying on schedule since my cat was sick. I started my strict regime again yesterday in hopes it would kick up the WW. So today, that leaves me overly tired, overly worked, overly grumpy and achey. I think another reason for this is that I didn't have my usual coffee fix this morning. That keeps me a bit wired and without I am dragging about the office.

My little cat sleeps with me each night. Sometimes he randomly decides to take ONE, single claw and poke my back or arm with it. I usually jump up when this happens because I am asleep and it startles me. He pretends as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Usually this happens when he wants treats. Last night he kept waking me randomly and he already had treats left over from earlier. I think he just wanted me to wake up and entertain him.
I don't nap. Or, I CAN'T nap but I think today I actually could.

Treeson and Ren

Amber and I found this when searching for cakes.

Don't ask. It's just really, really cute.


Tuesday Tunes: Week 96

Tell us about the most mind-blowing concert you've ever attended.

Any of the vast amounts of Jimmy Eat World gigs I have attended would qualify as mind blowing. One in particular may take the cake for Biggest Mind Blow. Back in February I went to the 930 Club to see J.ew. It was amazing! I will list the reasons why:

Number 1/A: I arrived early to hang out
Number 2/B: The weather was insanely perfect. (Not too cold)
Number 3/C: I got to see Jim
Number 4/D: Front and center
Number 5/E: They played Clarity from start to finish and it was RELIGIOUS
Number 6/F: Encore included No Sensitivity, which I specifically wanted them to play. That was amazing
Number 7/G: Goodbye Sky Harbor was seriously, the coolest, most amazing display of musical talents from Jim. I am still impressed.
Number 8/H: I met up with some old friends...Kris, Joyce, Sylvia, Brian Mc, Lauren
Number 9/I: I got to meet Eric-who was by far, the coolest dude I have met in a long time.
Number 10/J: I got to see Jim
Number 11/K: I was given free will call tix to a show in Philly, PA the following night, so I was super excited to road trip :)
Number 12/L: Car was broken into. (YES, this is mind blowing in a different way)
Number 13/M: Tom Tom was stolen. Everyone I told this to replied with: "What's a TomTom?" ha ha ha, including Jim and Rick. How do folks not know what a TomTom is? It's only the greatest invention on planet earth.
Number 14/N: I actually googled: "How to hot wire a Ford Expedition".. ps. it didn't work.
Number 15/O: I got to see Jim...had great company while waiting until 3a.m for a tow.
Number 16/P: In all of the district they send me the police man on a BIKE. Who doesn't speak english and doesn't really know what to do with the car so we had to wait longer...for CSI.
Number 17/Q: Brian Mc. Hero of the evening. Driving 40 minutes out of the way to take us home.
Number 18/R: I got to call out of work the following day since I didn't get home until 430 am.
Number 19/S: Almost FREE rental car for the Philly Trip
Number 20/T: Knowing that I would get to see my favourite band in the world again, for free, the next night.

So, yeah, Mind Blowing.

Still have not replaced that TomTom. The joke is, every time I see Jim something redick happens. Two times ago I was harassed by a homeless man, the time after I got a parking ticket which Jim offered only his sound advice on: "Parking Sucks". Then this time in question, car completely disabled and stranded. I'm just thinking next time around I will just take public transport. or a rental.

Next Big Thing...

It's time to tackle this beast...
ps. Gum Paste TONIGHT!!

Cmaj7: x32000 Am: 002210
Fmaj7: xx3210 F: 133211
C: x32020 G: 320033
Em: 022000 Cadd9: x32003

Verse 1
What?s wrong baby?

Don?t they treat you like they should?

Did you take them for it?

Or every penny that you could.

Bridge 1
We once walked along the beach

And once I almost touched your hand

O, how I dreamed to finally say such things

Then only to pretend

Fmaj7 G
If you don?t, don?t know, why?d you say so

Em F
Would you mean this please if this happened

Fmaj7 G
If you don?t, don?t know, why?d you say so

Em F
Would you get your story straight?

Fmaj7 GI
f you don?t know honey won?t you just say so

Em F
And I need this now more then I ever did

Fmaj7 G
If you don?t know honey then u don?t

Dinosaur Cake!

Sunday Stealing!

Play it HERE!

Sunday Stealing: Janana's Now Vs. Then Meme

It's been a while since we had to post rules. But here we will list the relevent ones:
*Think back to ten years ago on this month.
*Write truthful answers and ELABORATE. This makes it more interesting!
*If you don't have a scanner you may omit #14 but I think if you do you should totally do it!
*It's about personal changes. Have fun with it!

Then: August 19991.

Age: 19

2. Romantic Status: Dating Robbie

3. Occupation: Full time college student. Office Assistant in the Financial Aid office and part time sales girl at Suncoast Motion Picture Company.

4. Fun night out: Going to the mall for like two things with Leanne. In and out shoppers, we were. Then going to the Rock and Roll McDonalds and sitting in our back corner booth for hours talking. Always end with an ice cream cone.

5. My BFFs: Leanne, we first met in 1999. We share a birthday, looked alike and acted exactly alike. It was like I found my twin. Creeeeeepppyy.
Russ-I have known him forever. He's like a brudder.

6. I spent way too much time: with worry about in-laws

7. I spent not enough time: Just hanging out. Lots of work and school.

8. I wanted to be when I grew up: Forensics or something in psych

9. Biggest concern: How to make my car payment on time.

10. What my biggest concern should have been: How to make my car payment

11. Where did I live: With my Ma.

12. Dumbest thing I did that year:I can't think of a thing. I am too boring to do anything remotely fun or dumb :)

13. If I could go back now and talk to myself I would say: Have fun.

14. Picture of me then:

Now: August 2009

1. Age: 28

2. Romantic Status:Married

3. Occupation: Accounts

4. Fun night out: A gig at 930 club, dinner on the way.

5. My BFFs: Me...I do love james and amber though :)

6. I spend way too much time: With worry.

7. I spend not enough time: Playing JA

8. I want to be when I grow up: Accounts. Calculator. Computer. NO coworkers.

9. Biggest concern: Sleep

10. What my biggest concern should be: Sleep

11. Where do I live: In a great house with hubs and my two cats.

12. Dumbest thing I have done this year: Trusted people I thought I could. Revealed too much of me to folks I thought I could.

13. What I think I would say to myself in 10 years: Have fun. No worries!

1. What do I miss most from 1999: Just being younger

2. What do I miss least from 1999: Not knowing what I know now.

3. What have I accomplished in 10 years that I am most proud of: College Degree, I pretty much got everything I ever wanted.

4. What have I NOT accomplished in 10 years that I wish I had: Getting cert. for teaching.

"It's Good To Have You With Us, Even If It's Just For the Day.."

So last night was a show. In fact, it was a Broadway musical. Insane.

I get home and get prepped to ice and decorate the cake that is due at 9AM. I make three batches of icing (about 9 cups), thinking this will be sufficient. I separate a cup out for decor and thin the rest and go to ice. I don't have enough.

Okay, not a big deal. I take the last cup set aside for decor and use that and go to work making another batch of icing to use for roses and borders and writing.

After this is made I make my six roses. No problem..Piece of cake.. Pardon my pun.

After the roses, I smooth out the cake and get it ready. I do the borders, which is a show without a cake wheel. This sheet was 14X20 and I didn't want it to break in half on a tiny wheel so I did without. When I am finished with the borders I am ready to put my two hearts in the center of the cake.

My plan:
- To cut out several templates I had prepped last week in different sizes.
-Choose the best size.
-Poke dots on to the cake surface around the selected template so I could pipe little pearls on when removed.

Sounds nice, right? Yeah, my folder with the customers order information and template is gone. I look everywhere. All in the kitchen, my car, my bag for class, my book bag. I have everything BUT these papers. I start to panic. I have a computer on loan but my printer will not work on it. I decide to go online, find the template and trace it on computer paper. I run to the office, turn on the computer...Oh wait....
The computer has died.
My loaned computer.
Dead. RIP.

I am slightly miffed at this point. I search around for some type of heart template I can use. I try to free hand them a few times on paper but I am not satisfied. I own some fondant heart shapes but they are too tiny for this giant cake. I finally remember that a co-worker gave me a 1000 piece scrapbook and cardmaking kit for Christmas last year. I am almost certain there must be a template for a heart of sorts in that. I rip this open and wa-la...I find it.

I go to town getting this on the cake. I then measure for rose placement. (Three in each corner)

While putting on my second rose,
Keep in mind: I am CLUMSY

Plop. Rose falls. On the cake. Thankfully they had firmed up quite a bit from my frantic debacle and only left a hint of yellow on the cake which I quickly remedied with a paintbrush and new icing and smoothing.

After all this the cake, barely, fits in the box, but I make it work.
I had no issues transporting the cake this morning, they picked it up, loved it and most importantly, paid.

Also, I quickly purchased a new computer, which I will be picking up after work today. I asked my husband, who likes to "shop" around. This is his fancy way of really just procrastinating on the task. Since our loan computer his frame of mind was: "why do we need to purchase one when we have this GREAT loaner right in front of me? Logical, I suppose. So I took matters into my own hands. It's done, I can now have a fully functional ipod.

With my luck though I will get the computer home and the freaking outlet plug will be missing.
Wish me luck. Happy weekend!

*title lyrics by brandon flowers

"Hey Hermano.."

Tonight is a busy one. First of all, I am excited because I will be dining on number 4 from Hunan. My favourite chinese resturant. Secondly, I have to ice my first sheet cake order in order to have it prepped for delivery tomorrow. I am nervous. This will be my first cake that gets out know? Not in front of just my co-workers. I have tons of things to catch up on at work from my absense yesterday. Plus I am fighting sleepiness. Bring on the coffee.

On a pissy note...
1/A: To the folks who use my computer and scanner area in the morning. Stop leaving a million pulled staples all over my work area. Assholes.

2/B: To folks who come in and want to have a conversation while you are currently on the phone with someone else...shut the ef' up. I'm on the phone.

3/C: To all, near and far, who read over the shoulder. Stop it. It's just rude. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Okay, rant over :) Cheers.

Can't Hardly Wait!!!

This is the most exciting thing I have heard/seen in months!!!!!!!!

El Fin...

So glad Course Two is over! I was quite proud with my final result though.
I am extremely excited to start Gum Paste next Monday. Next project, for now, is the Wedding Shower cake due on Friday and a special cake for my favourite gal at work, equipped with dinosaurs.
Here are some pics of the final!

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