"She's Crafty.."

I've been working on a lot of crafts lately. Months ago I was asked by a friend, who was trying to make a buck off of Twilight on ebay, what kind of product would I like to see that was different than what was already being offered. I love, love, love writing and journaling. I have kept a journal since I was ten years old so I quickly drafted a blue print of the perfect Twilight journal. I am a big quote person as well so of course my journal had tons of quotes. After my blueprints here is the final result:

People have said I should mass produce these for folks. I would love to do that! I would love to mass produce any of my crafts. The problem with the journals are they are very personal. I would have to have a consult with each person who is interested in them. I recently consulted with my Ma on one. Collected some ideas for a theme and some songs and lyrics that are close to her heart. I constructed her journal a few weeks ago:

My newest project is something that I have been wanting to do for many years. I love quotes, as I have said above and when reading I often dog ear pages with quotes on them. Promising myself that I will go back and write them down somewhere. Same with music. I will jot a lyric down with a promise I will put it somewhere safe, a general location, and I never do. I have wanted to put together a quote journal for some time so I started blue printing. Of course, since this journal is my own I wanted it to be themed as something I really love, love, love. I have a Twilight journal already so what else would I chose for my theme: Jimmy Eat World!

Here are a few pics of the product thus far. I am still in the process of narrowing down tons of favourite quotes to place on the back flap and envelope.

Front of book and blue prints

Open book and front flap: "With Every Penny That You Could"

In each journal each page has a stamped image in the corner and it's own personal book mark/ribbon handmade that goes along with the theme. This is from my Mom's journal.

I've done a few other crafts but these have been taking up most of my time. I love doing them. Today when I arrived at work I recieved the coolest home made gift ever from a friend! Here is a picture:

yes, it says Pam. It's my nickname for reasons that I will not divulge at this time. :)
Yay for crafting!

Ten Things on My To-Do List

10 Things on My To-Do List:

in random order

1. Write a letter I have been meaning to write for weeks

2. Call Michaels about Cake Deco classes

3.Research pricing on a few items

4. Finish my quote journal

5. Buy Army Men since my shopping trip yesterday failed

6. Buy an external hard drive and move some things from my pc

7. Get a chunk of reading done from Edgar Sawtelle

8. Exercise, exercise, exercise

9. Practice new song on guitar

10. Water my cactus

Baked Goods!

I have been mulling an idea around in my head for two weeks now. I love, love, love baking. I love to decorate cakes as well. I just like the whole creative and artistic process behind the decoration and I love the aftershock of the persons reactions to the look and taste of the product.

Since I am usually well known as the "cupcake lady" I was asked to make my famous home made ice cream cake for a birthday party. The birthday boy wanted the cake to be like a grenade (army kick). After much thought I decided it would be WAY more rad to do a whole army battle on top of the cake. Per his request the cake will be German Chocolate with cookies and creme ice cream center and a whipped icing.

I am going to put some green in for a grass effect and I am thinking of putting a path through the middle of the top of the cake in crushed vanilla wafers. Tonight I am going out with Amber to pick up some army men. Yesterday, while drawing up some blue prints ( I HEART blue prints) I decided that I should use my left over batter for the bottom piece of the cake for pieces on top. Like cut a chunk for a fort for the army men to hide behind. I'm pretty excited about this. Here are my blueprints:

Any other ideas? Esp. my friend B over at You Take the Cupcake. If anyone is in to baking as much as I you should definitely check out her blog (blog rolled on the right hand side) She has some cool ideas, recipes and products that are all essential for baking. I'm very excited to have her blog linked up!

I think tonight Amber and I are going to stop by to check on an Official Cake Deco Classes. I have always wanted to take an official class and she is all about doing it with me. One plus side to this is your homework is cake baking and deco! Who can complain about that?

Manic Monday 161

Manic Monday #161

Do you enjoy brain teasers or do you find them frustrating? I love, love, love brain teasers. Those are my favorite type of game board/video. Professor Layton:thats my shit! Knowledge is power :)

Do you have any unusual collections? Hmmm..I wouldn't say I collect this but I guess I should: anything and everything Jimmy Eat World...I have way too many shirts to count, magazines, articles, pics, music, anything.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks films.

Lastly, and this is BIZARRE, different character band aids. I have done this since high school. I told you it was bizarre.

What do people notice about you within the first hour of meeting you (other than appearance)? That I am incredibly witty and smart. *wink* I would also say honestly, that people notice is that I love Jimmy Eat World. Sounds silly but it's 100% true, I'm usually rocking one of my 500 shirts or jackets with the band name on it, my car has several Jew stickers on it, I have a pick necklace that I wear everyday and/or I have a Jew logo tat on my right wrist. It is a part of my personality at this point. It's bound to come up :)

Holy Michael Scott! part 4..

This was too good to pass up and I swear you could probably never guess the original context of the sentence I am about to repeat. It's a classic!

"Sure, if you are willing to bend over I will give you a discount"

-KC at noon hour


"No Time To Say Goodbye, Hello, I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm Late.."

Friday Reasoning: Reasons I Need to Work On This:

I have a revolving door issue with myself. I tell myself each week that I will start over and really try to fix this about myself. This problem has been there forever and has almost become a personality trait of mine. It's called Lateness.

Yuppers. I am late. All the time. For everything. My intentions are there, I wake up early, I prep myself for the day in a timely manner I just can't manage to arrive at any destination at the time I set up. I am about ten minutes late every single day for work. This is not a good thing! Whenever I set up to meet my friends or family they always make a random comment about how I they will get their ten minutes after the time I say because I am never on time. This makes me sad :(

I am not proud of this. I don't know how to remedy this. I have tried setting the clocks fast, but that doesn't really work because I know in my mind they are fast so I have that comfort level and some times this actually makes me later. It's odd because I like to have schedules and organization. I think the issue is I go to leave and then I start doing fifty other things that I know need to be done and I try to just do a few of them in order to maintain organization and then before you know it: "hey I was supposed to be walking out of my house ten minutes ago".

I don't embrace this side of me and I really need to start working on this. Any ideas??


"You Say That Love Goes Anywhere.."

I came in from lunch yesterday and I had the best gift in the world on my desk from a colleague. This got me thinking later when I was on my 4 mile walk/jog about some of the gifts I have received over the years. A few weeks ago -j and I were asking each other random questions and the question: What is the best gift you have ever given and received?

Upon reflecting I realized the best gifts I have EVER received have all been under one dollar. One dollar folks! Think about it. Gifts from the heart, the ones that are so thoughtful, yet penniless are the gifts that leave the most impact and imprint your life forever. Majority of the time these are the gifts that usually are not given often. It's too easy to go run out and buy something meaningless rather than put some thought and heart into a gift. Half of the time the gift in question is useless, but it's purchased because the price tag makes a statement about the giver.
These things being said, I have compiled a small list of the best gifts I have ever been given. The thing they share: All thoughtful, all from the hearts of the giver and all under one dollar.
Think about this the next time you go to brighten someones day with a gift.

-A compilation tape/cd - Under $1

-A fountain drink from Chick Fil-A brought over by an out of town friend just because-$1

-A handmade card with a wishpuff drawn on the front-.50

-A guitar pin for my work shoes that looks exactly like JA-$1

-A dill pickle from Nicks because the person heard I was craving one-$1

-A Hallmark for no reason other than to say: I'm thinking of you-$1

-Surprise Cadbury Creme Eggs-Two for $1
-A stampie that looks like a logo I use on my crafts because she knew I needed one-$1
-A handmade necklace of a penny with a hole punched- .01 cent

-A special orange guitar pick-Zero Dollars

-A graduation poem from my Grandfather-Zero Dollars

-A 'green' bag that says Jim's Store, just because the person knew I heart everything about that-Zero Dollars
-Left over promo stickers of Jimmy Eat World because the person knew I love, love, love them-Zero Dollars
-A stickie that reminds me 'I Am The Best' or 'I love you'-Zero Dollars

-A empathetic listen, a shoulder to cry on- Zero Dollars

-A handwritten note, a scratch of paper with lyrics written on it-Zero Dollars

Sadly, this is all I have. I don't get a lot of really thoughtful, handmade type gifts. I am usually the giver of those. The ones listed are honestly, truly and seriously the best gifts I have ever gotten. To those of you, and you know who you are, who were the givers of these, Thank you. You have touched my heart <3


"Sing It Back.."

Funny name of the day:

Patient came in with the first name:


*sweetness lyrics by jim adkins

Ten Songs That Describe My Life

This weeks Ten on Tuesday is Ten Things You Like to Do on Vacation. This is a great topic but I do NOT vacation. Never have, probably never will. I am way too anxious and preoccupied to properly vacation. I'm one of those that would go away and think about the eight hundred and forty five things I should/have to do at home and work. I hate to travel long distances because I just feel worn out in the end. A vacation would be more of me just not working, sleeping in, not feeling required to do my exercises, having amazing dinners and movies each night and staying up late. That would be rad. Most people frown on a vacation like this though. You have to travel somewhere to really be a vacation. Hmmpf.

Since I do not have the material to provide sufficient information for the Vacation post I went back a few weeks and will complete the post from 2/17/09 since I tried it on and it fits so much better :) I'll even throw in a lyric or two from each that works with the outfit!

10 Songs That Describe Your Life
*in random order
**Excuse the profuse amounts of Jimmy Eat World but this is me we are talking about..

10. The Middle-Jimmy Eat World It's only in your head you feel left out orlooked down on....Just try your best, try everything you can...And don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away....It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride...Everything will be just fine, everything (everything) will be alright

9. Feeling Lucky-Jimmy Eat World-Waiting for the line to move a foot....Wasting my life on nothing good...Suck that lucky feeling right outta me

8. El Scorcho-Weezer-How stupid is it? I can't talk about it...I gotta sing about it and make a record of my heart...How stupid is it? Won't you gimme a minute...Just come up to me...And say hello to my heart

7. Get What You Give-The New Radicals-Don't let go...You've got the music in you

6. TroubleMaker-Weezer-I'm a troublemaker... Never been a faker... Doing things my own way.. And never giving up

5. Tell Him-The Exciters-If you want him to be...The very part of you...Makes you want to breathe

4. Slave-Britney Spears-What's practical is logical... What the hell, who cares?...All I know is I'm so happy when you're dancing there...I'm a slave for you... I cannot hold it.. I cannot control it.

3. I'm A Toys R Us Kid-From the commercial. True Story-I don't wanna grow up...I'm a Toys R Us Kid...Theres a million toys at Toys R Us that I can play with...

2. Table For Glasses-Jimmy Eat World- It happens too fast to make sense of it....To make it last.

1. Why Does It Always Rain on Me?-Travis-I can't sleep tonight...Everybody's saying everything's all right...Still I can't close my eyes...I'm seeing a tunnel at the end of the lights

"Gotta Take What You Can These Days.."

So strange today...I am coming off of an awesome weekend. Relaxing, fulfilling, I got a ton of things done, I slept well last night-didn't wake up in an Ambien hangover this morning, yet I still just feel blah today.

The weekend was amazing for the following reasons:

Number One/A: Friday night, although alone, I cleaned my house spotless in record time. I showed up not feeling it but once I got going I was a cleaning machine. I also got to enjoy a good phone call with someone special who I had not talked to in fifty-eleven days!

Number Two/B: Despite being tired Hubs arrived home semi-early when I was just finishing up and he offered to escort me to the local Walmart so I didn't have to go food shopping by myself the following day.

Number Three/C: I pre-ordered Twilight, the double disc set from the most amazing Blockbuster lady in the history of Blockbusters. Seriously, I love her. Some people you just love right away for no particular reason. Well, she is one of them.

Number Four/D: Saturday I went to IKEA and got to dream about my dream library and dream craft office.

Number Five/E: I bought the coolest metal strips for my craft table wall to put up blue prints. I also found some particular jars I had been looking for, got some prices on a sofa and I also purchased a Five foot long crocodile for the back of my couch. Seriously folks. It's taller than me so it's mayhaps a little longer than Five foot.

Number Six/F: I had the most amazing lunch ever. An Ikea Hot Dog and a soft pretzel and a fountain drink. Heaven...I'm in heaven...and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.....

Number Seven/G: I had a touch decision to make upon returning to the dorf. Do I go to AC Moore to find some craft supplies I have been in need of or brave Michaels closer to home. Sometimes Michaels is so much more expensive. I decided to try it and I found the most amazing stamps in the dollar bins. Exactly what I needed at amazing prices. I have a new found respect for Michaels.

Number Eight/H: Had a nice visit and catch up chat with Russ in preps for house/cat sitting this week.

Number Nine/I: I purchased a small cactus. Just because.

Number Ten/J: Arrived home at a decent hour, feeling like I accomplished a ton of things, worked on a craft I have been planning for a few weeks, got quite a bit done.

Number Eleven/K: Had a wonderful nights sleep had a great breakfast prepared by hubs, watched Twilight extra features and went to the cinema to see a film I have been wanting to see since Friday.

Number Twelve/L: Sleep well, woke up easy, nice drive in to work, set up my cactus, am currently having the greatest cup of Maxwell House and my therapist cancelled our session that I really didn't feel like attending today.

Number Thirteen/M: Will be picking up Number Four for dinner this eve

So why do I feel so low?


"I'll Run Away With You.."

Show me how you do that trick

The one that makes me scream she said
The one that makes me laugh she said
And threw her arms around my neck
Show me how you do it
And I promise you
I promise thatI’ll run away with you
I’ll run away with you

Spinning on that dizzy edge
I kissed her face and kissed her head
And dreamed of all the different ways I had
To make her glow
Why are you so far away? she said
Why won’t you ever know that I’m in love with you
That I’m in love with you

Soft and onlyYou
Lost and lonelyYou
Strange as angels
Dancing in the deepest oceans
Twisting in the water
You’re just like a dream

Daylight licked me into shape
I must have been asleep for days
And moving lips to breathe her name
I opened up my eyes
And found myself alone alone
Alone above a raging sea
That stole the only girl I loved
And drowned her deep inside of me

Soft and only
Lost and lonely
You're Just like heaven

Manic Monday 160

Manic Monday #160

Do you screen your phone calls? If you mean look at the caller Id before I pick up, yes. If I do not recognize the number on my mobile I let my VM pick up.

When was the last time you lost your temper? An incident where I was Rick Rolled by someone special. Grrrrrr...I am still a little chaffed by this.

When you're lost, do you ask for directions? I am so super anal that normally I have mapped out everything weeks in advance. If for some reason I do get lost I have no problems asking directions. I would prefer not to, but I will do it.

"..Can You Still Feel The Butterflies?"

I was thinking recently of how selective memories seem to be. You can remember the most random item or the most hurtful thing forever but something amazing is just a pinch in your mind. I am a quotes person and sometimes when someone says something to you it just sticks. Forever. The associated memory with that phrase can be good or bad but it's there forever. Just a few that have come back around as of recent:

"Who is the lucky guy that gets to be on your shirt?"

"I wish you would wear me on your shirt everyday"

"I am your only cake"

"How's Whats His Name?"

"It's so good to see you again..."

"Sweet dreams kitten"

"You gotta start somewhere, everyone starts at the bottom. Don't expect everything to just fall into place. You have to work at it and you are working at it really well, I am proud of you"


Yeah, I'm Late...So What?

This weeks Ten on Tuesday was the Ten Songs You Hate. Pardon my tardiness but without further ado:

Top Ten Songs I Hate:
In Random Order

10. Anything by The Bee Gees. Worst band ever. My hell consists of Bee Gees music

9. Jimmy Buffett. 'Ef the song..this man is the worst.

8. Bruce Springsteen. *wince* Sorry Jim. I just don't get the big brew-ha-ha. So what? He's working class? yeah, he still makes way more amounts of money than I and he's got that old guy, scruffy voice thing going for him. See Number 6 as reference.

7.Viva Voce-Sorry again Jim. Any band that wishes me physical harm..It's over.

6. Anything by Nickleback, Hinder, Daughtry..old men, scruffy voices. It's like the new wave southern rock. All these "hard rock" bands. I hate them.

5. Werewolves of London by Zevon

4. Shake It-Metro Call-sorry Amber

3. Follow Me-Uncle Kracker. Why??

2. Heya-Outkast

1. Steal My Sunshine-Len


Apparently today I am the talk of the town! A few weeks ago Amber and I went scrub top shopping. I found the cutest black scrub top with hot pink strips on the sleeve and a silver pussy cat on the pocket! I was so excited. It was darling! I like the black and hot pink combo and I love cats so it was sold right away!

I finally got around to wearing it today and about ten nurses were at the nurse station when I was doing my rounds. They stopped me to admire my new scrub top. One of the girls asked where I got the top and why I was wearing it. I simply told her: that I like cats and it was cute so I bought it. At this reply everyone started cracking up as if I had just told the funniest joke in the world. I waited for the laughter to die out and asked what the hell was going on and I was informed that my scrub top is apart of a line of clothing called Baby Phat. An urban line of clothing, none the less. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the farthest thing from urban. I don't have an urban bone in my body.

I got the normal: "you're too cute" reply and proceeded to get "looks" in the hallway all morning from other nurses just figuring out that I had some urban love on. I feel the need to explain myself to anyone who stares for longer than usual so it just turns into an awkward mess. I told Amber that I thought I was urban enough to pull off the scrub top. She laughed. Really loud..and for a really long time..ha ha. I like my scrub top, it's cute and I think I pull it off nicely. I guess it won't be too bad when I wear it again since the initial shock has worn off.

I know I am the radest girl you will ever meet but I didn't know I was that cool. I mean look at me: Do I scream urban with my piggie tails and pink headband??


I would rather, I would rather go blind, boy

Then to see you walk away from me,
so you see, I love you so much
That I don't wanna watch you leave me, baby
Most of all, I just don't, I just don't wanna be free
I was just, I was just, I was just
Sittin here thinkin', of your kiss and your warm embrace,
When the reflection in the glass that I held to my lips now,
Revealed the tears that was on my face
And baby, baby, I'd rather, I'd rather be blind, boy
Then to see you walk away, see you walk away from me,
baby, baby, baby, I'd rather be blind...

Wordless Wednesday..

A collection of my "special"stickies :)

Best Recycling of a post it

"I Think Theres Something You Should Know.."

Ahhh, this day..The day of the year everyone of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes and genders like to think it's perfectly acceptable to get smashed on a Tuesday and work the next day. I don't mind folks that celebrate SPD, its just this along with everything else becomes a giant thing that you have to do or you are not normal. Exclusivity comes into play, because I do it everyone must do it and/or want to do it. I have such an issue with this, it is a reoccurring theme in my life. My motto for life in 2009: "Do what you do but don't expect everyone else to do it".

I awoke this morning not even realizing it was SPD. I am wearing a black scrub top with pink, silver and purple stars on it, khaki scrub pants, black and grey new balance, a purple headband with little silver stars on it and purple star ear rings. Not a hint of green. I don't actually think I own anything green anyway. Its a lovely color, I just can't really pull that one off so why try? I received a Tweet on the ride in from Kane in the morning wishing everyone a Happy SPD. This is when I knew. ha ha. Great. So arrive at work and about 35 folks asked me where my green was on my outfit and they all did the outstretched hand as if they were going to pinch me. "The Intruder" actually gave me an "awww..do you want to borrow something?" Yeah, No..

Seriously folks? Everything about me screams why I don't celebrate St. Pat's Day. I'll list them in case you are in wonderment right at this second:

Number One/A: Olive skin, dark brown hair, I can "makea da sawce"

Number Two/B: I'm sure there is Irish heritage somewhere in my family, as in every ones, these days everyone is just a mish mash mut-if you will-but this holiday, along with others, were never celebrated as a child because it wasn't prevalent. Therefore, why would I celebrate it as an adult?

Number Three/C: I am not a drinker. I will have the occasional glass of wine, mayhaps some Sangria during a BBQ but drinking, bars, getting smashed-Not me. I like to be in control and remain intelligent and coherent at all times. Nothing about alcohol is appealing to me. I'm over it. Equating to: No, I do not want to go drink beer as thick as chocolate ice cream until I make bad decisions and have to sleep in my loo overnight because it's a day you know nothing about historically except that folks wear a green sweater or a green headband with shamrocks springing off of them.
ps. "The Intruder" is currently wearing these and looks like a GIANT sketchbag.

Number Four/D: Because I just don't dammit.
So, the next person that threatens to pinch me, seriously, I'm gonna threaten to kick them in neck. Mind your manners folks and I will mind mine *wink*


"The Sweetness Will Not Be Concerned With Me.."

I am a sell out! I was commissioned to make my Oreo Surprise cupcakes for someone I do not get a long with at all. We don't even speak. She is my arch nemesis. My reason for bitterness on Wednesdays. She is a doc at my office and we are constantly bumping heads with one another. It is no secret to several colleagues and even to the old gal herself that we are just like oil and water and usually avoid each other at all costs. Her nurse, who I will call Civista, who I am very much acquainted with and also is very much aware that Doc and I despise each other approached me yesterday and asked if I would be so kind as to spin my creation of Oreo Surprise cupcakes. She would pay me. I raised an eyebrow at this. I love, love, love baking. I love, love, love the joy on peoples faces when they enjoy a baked good that I have created, I love, love, love, the compliments I receive on baking something delicious and I love, love, love money. Where can this go wrong I ask?? Tell me??

Here's the catch: doc's date of birth was last week and no one did anything for her. (Shocker!! Okay, that was mean, I'm sorry..back to the story). Civista felt bad because she was off the day that doc worked and didn't get to do anything for her date of birth so she wanted to make it up to her this week. She loves my baked goods of all kinds and she overheard doc saying on a prior occasion at a pot luck of sorts that she loved my Oreo surprise cakes. So, would I do it?
SELL OUT. I did it.
Not for the money.

Civista didn't give me gobs of money, she barely covered the supplies. I did it because I like baking and I liked the idea that I could make about two dozen from one box and then give six of those to other key people who's enjoyment of them make it all worth while *cough, cough, KC* So I guess this makes me a sell out. I have officially sold my song to a PC Bank commercial Billy Corgan. (if you don't get it, you don't get it).


"..The Haze Clears From Your Eyes On A Sunday.."

This weekend was eventful. Rainy, but eventful. I finally, finally, finally got new tires on Gerard (my Jetta, yes, he has a name..I name everything). It was long overdue. I went to the Walmart to get them done and I felt like I was at the MVA. What a show! I had to stand in a long line in order to be told what line to stand in only to stand in that line and then be told I was in the wrong line! What a mess! It took several hours because Walmart = Insanity lately so my parents were kind enough to come hang out with me. We had a nice lunch and then went shopping at Ross:Dress for Less (*cough, cough, this always makes me think of COM 1020-leanne).

I always have a good time at Ross. They have such cheap prices and such great products. The Ross in my town is really nice and clean and organized, not like the Dorf Ross (Oh, you Merryland-ers know what I'm talking). I can literally spend hours in there. My dad had a blast! He probably did five laps around the store just looking for the right thing and getting in the nooks and crannies of the shelves! My kind of shopper!

My poor mother was being tug of war'ed both ways. I needed a new bag and who knows what my dad needed opinions on. I had to explain the etiquette of proper bag shopping with ladies. You always follow close behind said shopper, focus and always be ready to offer opinions.

I kept finding bags and I would pick them up and say, not looking to see if Ma was around, "What do you think of this one?" and when I got no reply I would look about and Ma was no where to be found. It was pretty funny, here's crazy penny talking to herself!

After we arrived back at the Walmart I still had another hour to kill before Gerards tires were completed. I had to do some minor grocery shopping so I ended up in the office supply section. I promised Amber I would go cute stickie/pens shopping with her but I couldn't help myself. I got the most darling heart and star stickies and picked up some new highlighters since my job doesn't like to supply me with anything that I remotely need. I felt bad about picking the stuff up without her and this morning when I arrived at work I showed her my findings and she was so excited about them I felt even worse. I think she should just go ahead and move in next door to me so whenever I am ready to shop I can just yell out my window for her. This hour commute between us isn't working out and they way we random shop at stores and make constant AC Moore visits it is crucial for proximity!


Manic Monday 159

Are you a saver or spender? I would say a spender but I am not a big shopper either, actually, I should say this or Amber will give me the "eye". I love, love, love to shop if the price is right :)

I am very cheap and always feel guilty if I need to purchase an item over $20.00.

Do you prefer to walk around barefoot in your home? Socks? Shoes?I love being barefoot! I dont' go outside barefoot, ever, but at home the socks and shoes come off and I love it. :) Best feeling ever!

Do you talk to yourself? ha ha ha..I would say I talk more to my computer screen at work. Not often but at times I will say something. Usually my colleauges are behind me though and hear me. When I am absolutely alone, no, I do not talk to myself.

Friday Reasoning..

Friday Reasoning is easy enough..

Reasons I love, love, love Friday!

Fridays are Chick Fil-A Fridays at work for KC and I. Every Friday we get the hell out of Dodge and travel to Chick Fil-A to get our Number One's on Wheat with unsweet iced tea! Usually we come back to the office and find a sunny place to sit and eat in the car, away from the idiots we work with or we sit in a back office that no one frequents! I love Chick Fil-A Friday!

The Boss, Marc-ee, is usually not in our office on Fridays. We share him with another office and normally Friday he spends all day there. He's a great guy but he spazs out a lot and causes me to have anxiety. When he is away things just seem more laid back at work.

The Intruder leaves early on Friday

The phone ops usually slow down a bit late afternoon allowing for Amber and I to discuss items of importance.

Lately, every Friday I have been going to pick up Number Four with steamed rice and won ton/86 Ton, from the most AMAZING Chinese restaurant I have ever had the pleasure and I carry it out for dinner.

The feeling you get when you get off of work and you are free and the feeling I get after cleaning my house and NOTHING else has to be done..just pure relaxation. It's the best.

The knowledge that I don't have to wake up at six a.m. the following day is pretty amazing.

Three words: The Soup, 10pm

I usually sleep so brilliantly on Fridays because I have no expectations the following day.

THIS FRIDAY: TODAY: I love, love, love it for some extra reasoning:

-It was lightly snowing when I drove into work and it was so beautiful

-I had the most amazing cup of Maxwell House this morning in my -jim cup :)

-Kane played The Right Stuff by New Kids on the Block on the radio! (ha ha ha..RAD)

-I look pretty darn cute in my new scrub top and my rainbow colored head band
-It's Chick Fil-A Day and I challenged KC to NOT be late. Noon hour on the dot.

Anoop Dawg!

It's been a busy day today and work seemed to fly by. This is a good thing considering I was just thinking how slow the week has been yesterday. I had my weekly American Idol dates :)

I was really into Danny Gokey from auditions onward. Then this week he sang PYT by Michael Jackson and was told he sounded like Michael McDonald. I was in shock! He DOES sound like Michael McDonald. I immediately proceeded to vomit in my hair and end things with us. We can't base a relationship on this information. It can't go on like this for us! My stomach turns at the thought of Michael McDonald and now with Danny Gokey. It's not him it's me. It just can't work. I had to break his heart *wink*
My new top three are as follows:

Alexis Grace-cute as a button, that one!

Anoop Desai-because he is complete bad assery!

My very favorite, who I love, love, love
Matt Giraud

"Say Whatever You Want Cause I Can Laugh It Off.."

Beef of the Day: Patients
I work in Accounts for a Medical facility. Over the past year we have merged our company into a family of larger companies and we outsourced our Billing to use the same billing office as our new family. This Billing Office is located in India. You know what? I hear the gripes and groans..but honestly, I just work here folks. Damn the man, I can't do anything about it. They want to send our billing to India then who am I to complain? It's work and I just work here :)

Sorry, I digress: Back to my beef: Patients call here from time to time and they complain that they need to update their insurance information and upon calling our Billing Office and hearing a person of Indian origin answer their call they become angry and scared and not willing to update their insurance. I usually get these gems on the end of things. A gentleman called today and wanted to update his ID number to his account and was pissed that we outsourced and he was even more "pissed" that he was supposed to give his ID number to a "foreigner when there is so much identity theft going around'. AND "Do I understand how identity theft could be hindering? Do I like to keep my own money and identity because he does and he will NEVER give his ID number (ps. id number is just random numbers thrown together) to India and our company really needs to rethink this whole outsourcing thing".

Hmm...Number One/A: I'll get right on that rethinking business...give me a second..

Number Two/B: I will gladly update your account but you do realize, dear sir, that as soon as I click the save button that our Billing Office in INDIA has/needs/utilizes the SAME database that I am updating you in? Within seconds of the "save" they will be able to access that same ID number you just gave me. IN FACT,

Number Three/C: As soon as I hang up from you I will have to turn around and call that SAME number you just called, in India, and tell the fine folks there that they need to resubmit your claim to the new ID number you just gave me.

Number Four/D: Honestly, India also has access to your Medical Records, SSN, Date of Birth and History of Diagnoses! What do you think of that???? Hmmpf..

Seriously folks? WTF? Get over it. Mind your manners and I will mind mine.



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