"You've Got to Give For What You Take.."

Anyone following The Sing Off on telly? It's on all week on NBC. It's a competition similar to American Idol only the competitors are a capella groups. This show was made for me.

Firstly: it's all about singing
Second: Ben Folds is a judge (*sigh*)
Third: The group called the Bubs include like 15 guys that look like they sport pocket protectors. So freaking cute!
Yup...made for me.

Last night the groups had to perform guilty pleasure songs. I don't really believe in the term guilty pleasure when it comes to music. I love what I love and I really don't care what YOU think. No guilty here. Judge away. Yeah, I'm rocking out to Hanson's Mmmbop, so what?
I own New Kids on The Block's greatest hits.....and I like it.

Anyway I digress...focus...focus....one of the groups did George Micheal Freedom 90. Is this really considered a guilty pleasure?? I mean I know Georgie got caught in a few tangles with the law but I don't hold it against him. He makes some pretty awesome music. He has a CRAZY vocal range and have you ever seen that man perform??? He gets down to his own music with a passion. It's pretty intense to watch. I love, love, love George Micheal.

George is actually the reason I met my, now, husband. I was working at a Movie shop called Suncoast. The sister store was a music shop called Sam Goody-where my Husband was working at the time. I was reading the upcoming releases for the coming months and I noticed that week George Micheal's Greatest Hits was released. It was a two disc set AND there was a DVD as well. I was freaking out!! Did I mention I love, love, love George Micheal?? Well I do, so I called down to Sam Goody and Rob answered the phone. I explained that I NEEDED that George Micheal cd. After placing me on hold he returned to tell me that they had two copies of the double set. I was frantic!! I could not leave work until my shift was over. I explained this to him and asked if he could hold it behind the counter for me. He laughed and sarcastically asked if I really thought that the double set of George Michael was going to sell out before I arrived..

Smart ass.
From that day on I always got poked fun because of my love for George.

Also, FYI, I still own that double set, I still listen to it often and I also purchased the DVD (which is amazing). I even added that DVD to the Suncoast playlist so while I was working I got to listen/watch to George at work. It remained on our playlist for three years. A few of the other managers got so sick of me playing it that they tried to damage it out and hide it in the damage box so I wouldn't notice it. I always found it and put it back. muwahahaha. I'm sure there was a small celebration when I quit that job.


Malcolm December 16, 2009 at 12:49 PM  

I am totally into "The Sing Off". My fave group is the Beelzebubs, they really bring a theatricality to their performances.

Like you, I wouldn't consider some of the "guilty pleasures" the groups sang last night as belonging in that category either. "Freedom 90", "Rehab", nor "Staying Alive" just don't have the guilty pleasure vibe. I was expecting the groups to do stuff like "Afternoon Delight", "Barbie Girl", or "Never Gonna Give You Up".

I like the commentary/humor that Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman bring to the show in their roles as judges. I've enjoyed Ben's music for some time, but I'm becoming more of a fan because of his sense of humor. Nicole S. is a fantastic piece of eye candy. Some of her commentary is OK, but it seems forced when she tries to be funny.

I checked and reports say that the ratings for "The Sing Off" are only so-so. Hopefully, they are strong enough for NBC to bring the show back. If it wasn't airing during the holidays, I feel it would do better.

Penny December 16, 2009 at 1:16 PM  

Thats rad! I love the Bubs! They are really talented guys.

I agree with you on the Nicole S. stuff. I do like that she adds a geniuine sweetness to the show. She thanks everyone and seems very noble.

Ben Folds is amazing. I was a fan in high school and have always tried to keep up with his stuff. I didn't realize he was so funny though.

I'm a little confused as to the airing though..is the show over this week? Or are they doing a hiatus and finishing after the holidays? I thought Nick had said something about this last night but I wasn't paying close attention. It's a shame if they don't pick it up again. It is actually really interesting to hear the crazy stuff they do with NO music!!

Also, Max Factor is from B-more Maryland so I root for those gals after the Bubs. :)

The Bumbles December 16, 2009 at 2:18 PM  

Andy was flipping around the other night and came upon a George Michael concert in London on one of Verizon's HD concert channels.

*gasp* "STOP!" I said. "When is this from?" (not stated on the TV info). Singing Freedom. Lookin' good. *sigh* Made me lapse back into college memories.

Malcolm December 16, 2009 at 10:02 PM  

My fault... I got the air dates wrong. It doesn't come on Thursday night... the live finale airs on Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing the finale because Bobby McFerrin, Smokey Robinson, and others will be performing with the surviving three groups.

BeckEye December 17, 2009 at 11:17 AM  

"I don't really believe in the term guilty pleasure when it comes to music. I love what I love and I really don't care what YOU think."

I knew I liked you for a reason. That's my motto! But it's about everything, not just music. Screw you, people who don't think Xanadu is awesome!

Penny December 17, 2009 at 12:01 PM  

Thanks Malcolm! I will be def. tuning in for that one.

Becks-aawwww I love you too schmoopy :) ha ha

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