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Random Bits Today:

Number one/a: I am such a procrastinator lately. Next week I am off to Atlantic City to see Jimmy Eat World. I still have no hotel. I am half inclined to just drive back home after, even if this means driving all night. I hate hotels. They sort of creep me out. I just really don't want to pay tons of money to sleep there when I pay tons of money to sleep at my own house :)Everyday I say....yes, today is the day I will look for a hotel...then I don't.

Number two/b: Great finally for the Sing Off, for those who watch. I was really rooting for the Bubs. They are just so freaking cute and talented.

Number three/c: My addiction is on back to back tonight: Paranormal State. I start to have withdrawals without some Ryan Buell.
Number four/d: Saw Amber on Thursday. I miss her much. We exchanged xmas pressies. I got candy smokes and THIS:

My name is engraved on it. It's totally rad. I love thoughtful gifts. Score Amber!
Number five/e: My xmas tree is up. My little cat Anthony has already begun to eat shards off of the bottom layer leaving a mess everywhere and I am already regretting it. Is it over yet people????

(note that we do not put any lights or decoration on the bottom two layers of the tree because Anthony would then promptly begin eating those)

Number six/f: It Might Get Loud is released today. An awesome documentary on song writing and radical guitar playing by The Edge (U2) and Jack White. Excited to rent this.
Number seven/g: Really hoping I get a mini amp for xmas. I could have used that little beast the other night. Plus we could use that at work in the spring when we kick it outside to jam. Jzill and I are teaching one of the young doctors to play now. It's rather comical.
Number eight/h: To Rabbit...all I have to say is ♥
I told you I learned something!!! Yay!

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The Bumbles December 23, 2009 at 12:51 AM  

Huh. Our tree is decorated the same way! But that's because Tedy the fat cat got the bottom strand of lights stuck around his belly and dragged them off the tree. At least we were smart enough to leave the ornaments off the bottom layer. I am so ready to chuck that tree out the back door. Needles needles everywhere - as it is leaning propped up in the corner - tree stand fail.

Merry Christmas Penny!!!

Penny December 23, 2009 at 10:08 AM  

awww Tedy :)
Thats so funny :)
I keep repeating:
It's almost over....almost over...

Happy Christmas darlings!!

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