Wild Nights in Merryland..

I am very excited that today is Friday. I have some wild stuff going on this evening and weekend. (quiet down Mrs! I really do!)

First of all, this evening I am going to Dunkin Donuts with Jzill to get some coffee. Coffee after 5 pm is probably a bad idea for someone who doesn't sleep much like myself, but I need an extra kick today. So coffee it is. J and I have been going out once a week to get coffee. The weather is just right for sitting outside at the tables and talking.

After cowfee tawk..I get to go to Wally World. *insert sarcastic smile* I really hate grocery shopping. Nothing good comes from this. In my next life I will be rich and famous and I will never ever grocery shop. True story.
Hubs has a late soccer game this evening so I am going to get extra cleaning done. I like help around the house but sometimes it's just easier to plow through on your own. Plus, with no one in the house I can blast New Kids on The Block or Britney Spears without getting moans, groans and eyebrow lifts. After work is done I will be going on a date with Christopher Straub. Mmmhmm...Can't wait. I hope he kicks some serious ass and is NOT in the bottom three again. No worries Christafa love-you are always in my top three *wink*

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment and mild shopping with Amber. I have not had a hair cut since February. My hair is out of control. I gave my lady a picture of what I wanted last time and she just went to town and did her own thing. I have had a sort of phobia since then. Amber has been on my case to trust again :) So I am off to a new lady tomorrow.

So yeah, that's it. Big wild evening/weekend. Hold on to your hat folks!
What are your plans??


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