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Tuesday Tunes: Week 109

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Hey, its Twosday! Let's do some things in twos!

Two albums you want to buy: Weezer-Raditude, The Killers Live from Albert Hall cd/dvd (just got this last night)

Two songs you play the most: Play as in on the ipod or my guitar?? I will answer both: Ipod: Paparazzi-Lady Gaga and Mixtape-Jim Adkins
Guitar: Fearless and You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift

Two artists that you just can't stand: Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys. Their voices are just whiny and they make me want to stick forks in my ears.

Two bands you wish would record a new album: Jimmy Eat World (but they currently are), The Toadies

Two concerts you were glad you attended: ONE: Jimmy Eat World at AU. I didn't have tickets and decided to just chance it. I was about 80% over the bronchitis and it was cold and raining. They played a co-headliner with Paramore. It was looking bleak but I finally gained entrance right before Jimmy E.W. came on (which is fine by me..not a big fan of paramore). They played a kick ass show that night. One of the best performances I have seen them give.

TWO: Killa-delphia show of Jimmy Eat World. Our car was broken into and it was not drivable. We got a rental out of the deal but during the debacle I was considering it would be best to not go. Ended up going and it was awesome. Great trip up and back, good times, good people, awesome show, great road trip :)


The Bumbles November 17, 2009 at 11:39 PM  

I like Weezer's new song - If You're Wondering If You Want Me To, I Want You To. Although I'm afraid it is going to get overkilled on radio and I will no longer enjoy it.

And I think Alicia Keys sings off key at times which really bugs the hell out of me. So I agree with your selection there. As for Jess - I honestly can say I do not think I have ever heard her sing - which is apparently a good thing for me.

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