There's A Porcupine in My Troat..

It's Friday. Finally.

Here's to hoping the work day goes by quickly.

I work in a medical office so all day long I hear about the effin' H1N1. We, naturally did not get any vacines, but we receive calls all day long about it. Everyone thinks they have it, are going to contract it, or needs to be vacined for it.

It's the same thing with the flu shots. People go ape over a flu shot. If you are really old, I get it, but mostly it's just hysteria when October rolls around.

On the drive home I was listening to some light FM radio and they did a segment on what people are doing different since H1N1. One lady said she uses her knuckles on the ATM, another dude called in and said he uses his elbows to press the button for the elevator...
I was a little baffled. Hysteria.

I guess I'm the weirdo. I work in a doctors office, where we have come in contact with a few patients that actually had swine and I still don't use my shoe to hit the elevator buttons.

With all of this talk of Swine..I must report I did wake up with a sore throat this morning and a "pup" nose (as I call it...get it?? Pups have cold, wet noses?). We lost power last night due to remnants of Hurricane Ida (raining for 4 effin' days). No power, no heat. This resulted in a porcupine finding it's home in my throat.

Does this provide me with enough of a reason to have more than one cup today??
I think so :)


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