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I have a Cullen Crest cake to complete this evening. This is going to majorly suck. The reasoning:

I hurt my wrist. My buddy/partner in crime/doctor Smithers says he thinks I have torn a muscle in it. So the question is: HOW did I accomplish this?

Well, it wasn't anything radical or awesome like rock climbing, bar fights or intense dancing..
it happened when I was SLEEPING.


Sleeping. I tend to store tension in my hands and I clench my fists during bed time. Friday night I did this all night and happened to curl up on my wrist as well. It was turned in an odd direction all night. Saturday it hurt all day. It was minor. Saturday evening I consciously told myself not to clutch or curl up oddly. Well..I did. Only the wrist pain was significantly worse.

I told myself that it would eventually go away this week. Well it is Thursday and it hurts more than ever!

I attended a soccer banquet last night and it hurt to applaud for petes sake! It hurts to drive, type, write, turn doorknobs, forget holding anything in that hand...much less piping a giant Cullen Crest onto an 8 inch cake.

To make this situation even more Un-Radical, Smithers wrapped my wrist in a bulky ace bandage. My coolness level has decreased dramatically. He offered to draw a light saber or a guitar on it but I wasn't feeling it.

So this is going to result in a split cake of Team Edward/Team Jacob cake instead of the intense Cullen Crest. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Wish me luck with my broken wing :(

ps. the blog title is a line from a Taking Back Sunday song. It has absolutely no relevance to this post at all. Other than Iwas too lazy to really think of a song lyric that fit. Thanks for playing folks.


The Mrs. November 19, 2009 at 11:30 AM  

i do that sometimes... good to know im not alone

Penny November 19, 2009 at 1:20 PM  

Yes, it's bizarre how much it hurts. I need to buy one of those brace things that makes me keep my hand open during the night :)

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