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Tuesday Tunes: Week 108
It's November and this month is about giving thanks, tell us a few of the musical things that you are thankful for, be it albums, shows you've seen, electronics you've bought etc. Whatever has made your musical life better in the last year.

Yummy..I like this topic. Here it goes: In list form, because I can.

-Clarity X10-Two shows, two nights in a row (Jimmy E.W)
-Free tickets to Philly show (Jimmy E.w)
-Upcoming Atlantic City gig (Jimmy E. W)
-Muse-The Resistance

-Lady Gaga, in all her splendor. She's a nutter, that one, but I quite frankly, I love her.

-New amp cord that allows for recording input and microphone inputs. (thanks j)

-My new computer that has more musical capabilities for recording

-Pearl Jam-Backspacer and really "finding" Ed Vedder. He's seriously amazing.

-Chopin's Raindrop Prelude

-Patsy Cline's greatest hits-For helping me make all of those beautiful cakes along the way..

-My ipod. Okay, it's not new and I did not buy it this year, in fact, it's old and clunky and ridiculous but it's mine and I love it. It completes me. <3
-to keep with this: My iLuv headphones. They are intense.
-The new Jim stuff
-That amazing Travis show I attended several months back. Religious.
-Dustland Fairytale by the Killers
-Rob Sheffield's Love is a Mix Tape. Incredible book.
-Warm days, playing guitar in the sunlight at lunch or break. Singing in the sunshine.
I think that sums it up!
Oh, and P.S., By the way:


BeckEye November 10, 2009 at 3:32 PM  

I usually do some sort of "pop cultural things I'm thankful for" around Thanksgiving, so I may save my comments until then.

But, kudos to you for "finding" Eddie Vedder. Found him a long time ago and he could never hide from me. :)

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