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I recently signed up for a Christmas Ornament swap over at The Mrs. blog. I just got my partner, New Girl on Post. I went to check out her blog and it turns out we are both into photography and LIST MAKING (muwahahahahaha). .

She had this nifty little area on her blog with like a little "Get To Know Me" section. Pretty radical. So I started thinking: Hmmm..what would someones first impression of me be if they stumbled on my blog??

I don't have much in my profile area, just lists (go fig, right?).
So, looking at this objectively, I can't decide what folks would think. I would say one thought would be: "This chick talks about music a lot".

Oh, and Jim...Yuppers.

I think my blog doesn't really have a reason, there is no one thing that defines me, unless you count that thing as music. There are no kids to blog about, no military life..I just blog about my life. Random-no rhyme or reason. That may seem boring to some but it's an outlet for me and thats why I do this.

So in the spirit of getting to know one another I have decided to compile a list!! (GASP)
A list of random things about me. I did this one time before HERE .

I am also going to be pompous and ask that if my readers (even those of you that stop by and read and never comment) have any burning unanswered questions to post them in the comment section, or that you, dear reader, List something random about yourself.
Knowledge is power and I like to end each day a little smarter than I began.

Here I go:

- I am always reading a book. I am never without.

- One of my goals is to learn a new song on my guitar every Sunday.

- I have been a fan of Jimmy Eat World since the 90's. About 600 songs on my ipod are under the Jimmy Eat World category. My office is decorated in J.e.W memorabilia, I have been to countless shows, met the boys on numerous occasions, have been an active member of their message board since 2002 and STILL visit there every day. I have traveled out of state for gigs (and am currently scheduled to go to Atlantic City to see them on New Years Eve), I think I own about every t-shirt they have made (seriously..they have their own section in my closet)...including a Western Tread t-shirt which is Jim's own record label.
I have two J.e.w related tattoo's on my right wrist. One is their logo and the other is my favourite lyrics "for every penny that you could". My friends call me the Superfan.
Understatement huh??

- My most loved item that I own is my guitar. It is a Fender Telecaster JA 90 (in red). It is a model that Jim Adkins designed and also plays. It's amazing.

- I can not deal with close minded people. People who think because they say it/do it/think it/feel it/believe it means that everyone should do it and if they don't then they are weird. Or a freak. Get over yourself folks. Everyone is different.

- I love, love, love, the Target Dollar Bins

- I think Jim Adkins hangs the moon. Seriously.

-I once waited three hours in the rain to have a photo taken with Brandon Flowers.

-I sing everywhere and all the time. It's in my blood.

- I have a tendency to re-name every new person I meet. I always forget names and I end up just calling the person the name I think is theirs (which is always wrong). Half of my work is nick named by me.

- I wish I could raise one eyebrow at people. I physically can not and it seems like a really radical thing to do.

-I try to remain positive in every situation. For several years I felt so bitter and bothered by so many petty things. Why? It feels great to just be positive, look at your lot in life, be thankful for being amazing and accomplishing amazing things, embracing your differences and the little things about you that make you rad....and most importantly: Looking at others and thinking that they want to be looked at the same way!!!

I think everyone is Rad in their own way. I have learned that when you realize everyone is different and can celebrate those differences then life is so much easier.

Seriously...try it. If someone is genuinely happy doing what they do (let your freak flag fly) then I think thats awesome :)

-I am at my happiest and best when I am creating something: Music, art, crafts, a photography shot

-My husband makes me laugh more than anyone else on the planet. He's awesome and he loves every single, crazy, thing about me. He even loves my Superfan status with Jimmy Eat World and willingly attends shows with me even though he's not that into them.

-I still own and play Nintendo. Russ (a guy I have known since Pre-K) have Super Mario Sundays, where we start at Super Mario Bros part One and play all the way through, no warps. Then move on to Part Two, Three, Mario World and the Lost Levels (which are btw)

-To keep with this, I love, love, love Call of Duty (the entire series). It's epic.

- I don't drink alcohol. I think I can have a way cooler time doing anything without it. (people always find this so weird about me).

-I still love Saturday Night Live. I started watching it in 1995. I would tape it every week. I still, to this day, Tivo it.

-My ipod (which is STILL not an accurate representation of my music collection) currently holds 4,340 songs. This number is constantly growing. You can/will hear anything on that guy! Jay Z, Patsy Cline, Hanson, Jimmy Eat World, Rage Against the Machine, Rascal Flats, Swing music...
I love all music. If the lyrics speak to my soul..then I am a fan.

-I love to receive snail mail. It's the best thing ever to get a card or a note. People should bring this back!!

Okay, I think that is enough randomness for the day :)

Don't forget your homework students!!


BeckEye November 24, 2009 at 1:36 PM  

Wait, you like Jimmy Eat World?? Huh. Surprising.

The Bumbles November 24, 2009 at 2:01 PM  

Ah - why do we blog? Good question. Not a Mom blog, no products to sell, not a photo blog, not a book blog, not a gossip blog or fashion, music or movies. We don't have a "niche." It's just a personal blog designed as a writing outlet which hopefully random other people are entertained by. That's what we do and why. I think you do it well too.

And I enjoyed your Penny lessons - we're gonna share more about us later this week too! Do you re-name your blogging buddies too or is it easier because we come with little Avatars every time we visit?

Oh - and if you really want to know what a stranger's opinion is of your blog, let me know. I've got a blogger interested in doing a blog review - you each look at each other's sites, provide some input and learn a few things. I could hook you up.

Penny November 24, 2009 at 2:08 PM  
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Penny November 24, 2009 at 2:25 PM  

hahahah Beck... :)

A & M-
I enjoy your blog as well. Can't wait to hear more about you guys later this week :)

I'd like to hear more about this blog reviewing bit! Sounds interesting :)

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