"A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to.."

I'm slightly irritated. I wrote a post awhile back about song associations. You know, a song you hear that auto-magically sends you back in time to a place with intensity. Well I am irritated about a certain song assoc. that I have. I never really thought about it until these past two weeks. I wear my ipod for the whole 8 hours I am at work. I have a qa-zillion songs on it so the majority of the time I just set it to Shuffle and see where it takes me. I have heard a particular song on three separate occasions in the past two weeks. With a qa-zillion songs, 8 hours a day you would think the odds are pretty low that you would hear the same song twice...(I was told there would be no maths on this quiz).

This is not why I'm irritated..it's this specific song that I have a song assoc. with. I love, love, love Phil Collins. He's amazing. He's a lyric genius. Well about a year and a half ago I was making a friend a double disc compilation of "Cover Songs" that I thought were great. Again, I love Phil Collins and I love Against All Odds. While searching Limewire I found a cover of Against All Odds by Mariah Carey and some rando boy band. I am curious. Like a cat.

So I downloaded it..I wanted to hear this. MC is alright. She's kind of a nutter but she sings well at times. Really, I just love the song and the lyrics and when I love a song I like to often hear alternative versions of it. It almost reincarnates the song for me and creates a new meaning.

After it downloaded I clicked it to play. Immediately after hearing the beginnings of Mariahs voice my whole computer crashed. I was devastated! I turned it back on and I was, at the time, using Music Match to organize my music/playlists. When my computer finally loaded up I clicked on Music Match to reopen it and when it opened the ONLY song there was Mariah Carey Against All Odds. The rest of music was gone. It was the oddest thing. I am computer savvy so I did everything in my power to save my program and reload my music. Nothing worked.

I ended up just writing off Music Match and moving on to bigger and better things *cough, cough* itunes. So now, every time I hear this song feelings of anxiety, fear and desperation wash over me. It will FOREVER, now be associated with my computer failure.

Damn you Mariah Carey...I shake a fist at you woman!


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