"Everyone Hail to the Pumpkin Song"

Halloween :)
What a great time! Firstly: on Friday, even though I had a million things to prep for my party I still managed to go see Paranormal Activity in cinema. Holy Wowzas...is all I can say. I still had to clean my house, assemble my cake for the party, make various beverages, and prep other things, when I got home. I finally went to sleep at 330 in the am. If I wasn't about to pass out I think I would have left the light on after that movie.

Seriously, the ending: BRILLIANT!!

Here's the infamous cake I wanted to sling out into my back yard because I was so frustrated at it's end.

Halloween was amazing, aside from some rain that was off and on but it didn't dampen our spirits. It may have dampened the trick or treaters. We only got about ten kids collectively. It makes me sad to see that not many people go out anymore around here. Halloween was always my favourite holiday. It's a welcome treat each year. If it were socially acceptable I would go trick or treating. In fact, a few parents that came along with their kids to the door had on costumes and treat bags and I gladly gave them a handful and a BIG smile! Good on ya folks! Bring it back :)

Along with the rain, I will say, I am clumsy-so I fell down my back deck stairs..randomly..it's okay, I'm not hurt. No one panic. Also, our grill kind of pooped out on us. Thankfully I live about twenty from a Wally World we knocked that out. My guests were patient and I had a ton of before dinner snacks to tide them over. We ended the night with a giant competition of Scene It!
I can't say much more on this. It is better explained in photos..so here are a few.

My white rabbit..


The Bumbles November 2, 2009 at 10:17 PM  

That's too bad that you had rainy weather. We had warm and windy so it added to the spooky effect without the kids having to wear coats over their costumes. The adults in our neighborhood usually carry their own (liquid) treats with them here ;0)

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