it's funny how the sunlight can show everything so real.
in the natural light things look neat, pretty, in order.
when the sun bursts in you see what was under neath the mask.
the dust and unmentionables one is not supposed to take note of.

the night makes you forget how things really are.
in the sunlight of the day i really see you.
your eyes show the weariness of long travels
your mouth, lined with years of smiles and laughter
your hands, soft from touches
your forehead, lined with years of life.

i don't know why but this makes me sad.
so much is there under the surface.
so many years i have missed and can't make up.
who was she?
who made you smile?
pain stabs at my chest. why does fate have to be cruel?
why couldn't i have been there all those years?
who makes you smile now?
me? who you think of during those long travels?

i'd rather remain in the dark.
in the dark you are just you.
in the dark you are just


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