"Run Around Sue"

Believe it or not, I still, have not managed to get my CT done. I had an appointment yesterday morning. This required me to drink the lovely snack treat of Barium Sulfate (tastes like cotton balls). A whole jar of it. I had to do deep breathing exercises out my car window while I was driving to Radiology. Upon arrival I filled out a questionnaire on WHY I am NOT pregnant. You know...just as a safety precaution. I completed this survey within three minutes of my arrival. They made me wait about 45 minutes until some bitchy, young tech came to get me. She was rather pissy and explained that I needed to show proof of a negative preg. test before she could do the test. No one told me this. You would think they could have just popped over during the 45 minute wait to inform me of this. I could have ran back to my office, completed the test and brought back the results immediately. No, they decided it was no big deal I guess.

After being very snappish with me the tech informed me I could not have the test done..I would have to return another day, with results in hand. Oh and by the way, "soo sorry about that Barium you had to drink this morning...Isn't it just awful??"

*insert Growl* I left, a little snappish myself, returned to work. Took care of the preg test. Made another appointment for the following morning. I had another appointment at 130 so I had Amber promise to fax over my "official" preg test results to Radiology since I would not have time to pick them up in the morning before my rescheduled CT. I had to call my boss to inform her that i would be late arriving to work because of the new appointment. Lots of phone calls. After my 130 I ran by Radiology to pick up more Barium. *gag*.

They lady wanted to verify my appointment before giving me the drink. As if folks just randomly come in and want to steal Barium because it is a delicious snack treat????
Upon looking me up, I was told that the appointment actually wasn't for Tuesday, it was Wednesday!!! Silly girl at the appointment desk gave me the wrong date. "Sorry for the inconvenience"

I couldn't even make this shit up people. I just want the damn CT already. For the love of Pete!
I can't win for the life of me this week.


B October 13, 2009 at 1:19 PM  

Hope you're doing ok. Let me know how everything goes.

BeckEye October 13, 2009 at 2:43 PM  

I probably would've said, "If I were pregnant, would I do this?" and then start punching myself in the stomach.

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