Little Ditty Bout Jack and Diane...

I must say my girls today are looking fabulous! Amber is a flapper and Jzill is like a rock star vampire/thing. I went with a 50's girl. I even have a "going steady" ring necklace.

Of course, we were THE only three that dressed up for the occasion. I can't speak for my bitches but I am okay with this. I am quite used to making an ass of myself so I just feel all comfy cozy.

Here are few pics...I will post more when I get them off of my camera.

Anywhooo..the point of this post is to not discuss Halloween but to discuss a strange phenomenon that has been swiffing the state of Maryland. I don't know about other states so I am relying on everyone else to help me out here.

Why does it always appear that this:

equals a female driver with a hair do like this:

Seriously, like 97% of Mustangs I see are driven by women rocking the 80's "feathered" style, looking like she just stepped out of a John Cougar Mellancamp video.


So tell me? Thoughts?


BeckEye October 30, 2009 at 12:36 PM  

I always thought guys with small penises drove those cars.

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