"..'Is There Something Wrong?' She Says...'Well Of Course There Is'..."

Two funny Music related stories from this week.

Number One/A:
I am single handedly bringing Sisqo's the Thong Song back to Number ONE on the Billboard charts. Let me explain how:

Last year or so my Hubs decided to download the infamous Thong Song and sneak it on my Fourth of July party play list. Went over well with Grandma in the end. Since then we often rock out to Mr. Sisqo. I mean, really, who doesn't??

Well Tuesday night we randomly starting singing the Thong Song while I was working on some cupcakes for a friend. The following night, watching Glee, guess what song they performed??
The freakin' Thong Song!!
So since Wednesday evening this song has been embedded in my brain. Yesterday morning at work I would randomly sing: Babbbbyyy, that thong tha thong thong thong...

By noon hour four employees were singing along. I then sent random text messages with lyrics in them. By three pm. I have about half of my office going.

This morning I was informed by several of the employees that they took the song home, still stuck in their heads, and spread the disease there.

Number Two/B:
Went out to dinner with Jzill and Amby last week to the local 50's diner. While eating and chatting a very loud, obnoxious girl was sat across the room for us. Keep in mind, this is a diner, with 50's music screaming from a juke box. I could still hear her conversations. Not a big deal but the combo of her voice and wits was killa! Pointless and blankless I like to call that one. Anyway, I got to hear this redick story that I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow to. It involved Eddie Vedder, so you know immediately I had to perk up...yummy topic..

This girl was explaining to an older lady at her table that her new boyfriend at college is called Jeremy. Jeremy liked to play the song Jeremy by Pearl Jam over and over on repeat while in his dorm, on full blast...you know...since that's his name (*insert ridiculous cackle laugh here*) and it empowers him....

Ummm.....that song is about a crazy kid, that goes every kind of crazy and shoots up his school and himself one day. Wow...might want to watch that one Pretty :)

*title lyrics by Eddie Vedder-Alive


BeckEye October 23, 2009 at 5:24 PM  

I'm sorry, my mind started wandering when you mentioned Eddie Vedder. I forgot what I was going to say.

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