"Here We Are Now, Entertain Us.."

Today was the day. Finally got the CT completed. Wow...was it worth the wait!!!!!!
*insert sarcasm*

Thankfully I work in medical so I have a physician login to get my own results as soon as they post. I had to get an IV and I have such redick veins that they always bust me up a bit. So I am feeling a little worn down, I have the urge to sleep on my desk and my arm aches.

With all of this negativity I forgot the most important thing of the day and already I can see the sun....Tonight is Wednesday Night.

Wednesday Night = GLEE

Yes folks, the only thing keeping me going today is a freaking show on telly. I'm easily amused.


The Mrs. October 14, 2009 at 3:28 PM  

let me know whats next for you. and your not the only one who gets thru the day thinking about whats on.... sigh... but its better then using alcohol.

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