Okay Christopher (or as I say it: "Chris-TA-FA"),
What's the deal gagoots?? (it's Italian. Look it up)
Christafa is so amazing and adorable...seriously, I could just eat him right up.
He has no schooling at all, doesn't know basic sewing terms and still manages to whip up the most amazing dresses. Dresses that I dream of wearing. Like so:

Seriously, I would die to wear this dress:

This is made of NEWSPAPER, people!!! Newspaper!

I love, love, love this dress.

For the past several weeks poor, adorable Christafa has been in the bottom three! I don't know whats happening! I think I may love him therefore, he very well, can NOT go home now!

I have to obey the immortal words of Tammy Wynette and "Stand by my Man". Take a look at what I'm standing by though, as of late:

This one wasn't horribly awful, as Heidi described it..

In my man's defense, I will say this outfit pictured above was designed for Christina Aguilera. The jacket-which they did not photograph-the model is holding it-was so freaking adorable. This dirty whore look underneath, I thought WAS fitting for X-tina. She's dirrty remember?
The judges were seriously baffled as to why Christafa would make such a dirty whore look for Mrs. Aguilera?? Really judges?? Really?


ABW October 28, 2009 at 4:08 PM  

I like him too.

He hasn't had the best stuff lately, although I kind of liked the silver dress, but maybe I was in a spacey mood that day or something. Here's hoping this Thursday he pulls it together!

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