"With a Little Sweet and Simple Numbing Me.."

What a loooooonnnggg week folks! Phew!

This will be a bitter sweet post. I am excited and happy about a few key things, yet I am still a little peeved about others. Funny how the human female works? Or maybe it's just me?

Either way, here it goes, you want the Bitter or the Sweet first?

Too bad, I'll pick since it's my effin' blog. You get bitter.

So, I have had some major, serious issues with a particular someone in my life. We just don't get on well, yet we are bound by a force much greater than human choice. I have to dance lightly on this subject so this is all I can give you to set this up. Just know, myself and this person have not gotten on in the past but we have to learn to get over it.

We talk very rarely but when we do I try to be short and sweet. Short and sweet...thats all me.
So yesterday I had to shoot an email to this person. I was obliged. I decided to take the high road and write a nice, healthy email that was much nicer than it needed to be.

Her response was: a two worded email. It was almost as if the response was antagonizing me with sarcasm. I wrote a healthy email..with a greeting, I inquired about things, I was nice and all you give back is like a: hey thanks. Not even a closing??? GAH

I have two issues here. Number one/a: I expect too much of folks
Number two/b: I need to just write it off. Don't let it bother me.

Okay, on to the Sweetness:

Today, I get a new phone. I have an EnV. Part One. It's a big clunker, keyboard phone. It's only about two years old but it's all beat up since I lost the case and was too cheap to purchase another, the lights don't work on it anymore-makes night drives all the more fun, and it is like deteriorating. Seriously. Little bits of it just randomly chunk off.

So today, as we speak, the FedEx Man (sorry, I'm not a feminist) is delivering my new LG EnV Touch to my home. Really, he is. I just tracked. It's on the truck for delivery.

Of course, I am an asshat so it didn't cross my mind that I would not be at home to receive said phone during delivery and of course you need a signature. The smarter Penny would have had them deliver the phone to my work. Instead, I was told to leave a note on my door, with signature, instructing the FE man to leave it.

With my luck, we will have torrential downpours in my township, my glass/screen door will be ripped from it's locked position and fly open allowing the rain to hit my note and slowly peel the tape from the door, causing the signage to fall into a mud pile and then causing the FE man to know none the wiser and take my phone with him when he leaves.

Only time will tell.

ps. Is it Friday yet?

*lyrics by Jim Adkins-Sweetness


The Mrs. September 16, 2009 at 4:04 PM  

nope not friday yet. sorry.

new phone yay! how exciting im in love with my crackberry. Is your phone some high tech touch screen one? I just dont get those things.

as for the bitter... i must hear more.

catlady 7 September 16, 2009 at 7:00 PM  

GEE you are such a drama queen sometime. I still love you though.

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