Soundtracks and Epic Status

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Each decade has a soundtrack or two that reign supreme in the charts: 70s had Saturday Night Fever and Grease the 80s had too many to count thanks to music video. What soundtracks are your favorites and why?
Bonus question: How many of own or have any of the singles from Dirty Dancing?

-I own the Dirty Dancing soundtracks. When I was younger I had them on vinyl. Part One and Two. Amazing soundtracks!
-American Graffiti * Amazing motown and 50's and 60's stuff on here. A must have for classic lovers.
-Empire Records *Probably the best soundtrack of all time, aside from Dirty Dancing.
-Grease *Who doesn't own this??
-The Crow *Big soundtrack of my high school career. Great stuff on there that didn't get a lot of radio play, *cough, cough* The Jesus and the Mary Chain
-Trainspotting- Indie, Euro music. I can die now..
-13 Going on 30 *Great 80's on this!
-Twilight *Need you even ask??
-Singles *Again, Awesome assessment of the 90's grunge
-Reality Bites *See above! Plus this movie is amazing. Everyone graduating college should watch this.
-Garden State *Great indie stuff, Introduced the world to The Shins
-Into the Wild *Eddie Vedder = AMAZING
-Run Fatboy, Run *Great Brit pop. Non stop awesomeness. Plus they have a Teenage Fanclub song that I am partial to on this <3
-Chicago *.."And alllllllll that jaaaaaazzzzzzzz"
-That Thing You Do! *More proof that Tom Hanks is amazing.
-Adventureland *Awesome 80's selection. Plus, JATMC again :)

In other Music news:
I got up extra early to download the Resistance by Muse. I am not disappointed. It's seriously effin' epic. Matt Bellamy is god. To me, this album is one of their more "out there" albums but I love, love, love it. Highlights for me: Hearing an excerpt of the amazingly talented Matt Bellamy play Nocturne No. 2 in E flat-by Chopin (painfully beautiful) and the song titled: Guiding Light.
I teared up when hearing this one. The music, emotion and lyrics rip your heart right out and throw it on the ground.

ps. Is it Friday yet?


BeckEye September 15, 2009 at 3:14 PM  

I had both Dirty Dancing soundtracks on cassette. I'm not really sure where they are now. Probably at my Dad's house somewhere.

My favorite soundtrack is Grease. One from the '80s you didn't mention that's pretty good is Valley Girl. Josie Cotton, The Plimsouls, and Modern English!

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