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Tuesday Tunes: Week 102

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The VMAs got me thinking (no nothing about Kayne West). I seldom see any artists I like in the running for any awards. So this week, let's create a mini award show.

Tell us who would win:

Best New Artist: Lady Gaga. Yes, she is a nutter but I love her music. It's great pop.
Best Video: Uprising-Muse, Dustland Fairytale-The Killers
Best Album: The Resistance-Muse
Best Female Artist: Taylor Swift
Best Male Artist: Kanye West. For arguments sake, he's an ass hat but he does write an amazing song and put together a great album. Deal with it folks.

want to add a category of your own? Go ahead!
Best Indie Album: Frightened Rabbit-Midnight Organ Fight or Ode to J. Smith-Travis
Breakout Artist: Silverspun Pickups
Best Band Ever in the Whole World, Ever in the History of history: JIMMY EAT WORLD.
ha ha ha ha...okay, that's a stretch :) But I do love, love, love them <3


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