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Top 5 bands you wish would reunite

-Hole- I was in love, love, love with Courtney Love in high school. She is the reason I bought my first guitar and wanted to be a rock star. She's seriously amazing and her albums changed my life.

-Rage Against the Machine. For real this time..

-The Toadies-Such quality! "I come from the water..."

--JOURNEY- With Steve Perry. You gotta have "the Perry".

-The Silverbeats-A pretty popular Japanese Beatles cover band. I just heard they broke up. Sucks because their show I attended last year was probably the most fun I have had at a gig in forever!


BeckEye September 18, 2009 at 11:15 PM  

Well, Blur obviously, so I could actually see them live. I realize they're not "technically" broken up, but after their few reunion shows in the UK this summer, they don't seem interested in recording or touring in the near future. :(

Guns N' Roses - no Velvet Revolver or Axl Dreadlocks and his band of freaks. Everyone. Together. Even that crackhead Steven Adler.

The Bogmen - no one knows who they are, don't worry. :)

Eegads, I'm so tired. Can't think of 2 more...maybe later.

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