"I'm Your Biggest Fan..Baby There's No Other Superstar.."

Have you ever known anyone that is so freaking immaculate that you find yourself unable to formulate a thought in their presence?? I mean, folks that make you question your own fabulous-ness??

Meet my gay, 711 cashier. Actually, strike that, he is a "manager". I know this because he is always putzing about with reports and he wears normal clothes and no 711 smock. Anyway, regardless....He is just beautiful. He looks Italian or something else slightly exotic, wears amazingly stylish clothes, his hair is just perfection and his smile looks like a dentists wet dream. He seriously could jump out from behind the counter and jump onto the GQ magazine displayed up front. Just dashing.

I frequent 711. A lot. Almost everyday for coffee. Usually it is ass early in the morning, my hair is out of control, my makeup not done yet, I am half asleep (remember?? no coffee yet) and I stumble in to become human for the day. It is a rare occasion that I see the "manager". This morning I walk in and I felt like a big pile of hot mess standing in front of him. He smiled when he asked how I was this morning and I actually stuttered: "f-f-fine". I had to then ask him for my smokes of choice and I forgot what kind I usually get because I was lost in his fantastic-ness.
What a show! Or in this case, A Broadway Musical!

I had to laugh at myself, which actually is a reoccurring event anyway. This has happened once before to me. Only I was not able to formulate any sentences. Upon my first meeting Jim I giggled like Krusty the Clown from the Simpson, almost burned him with a my cigarette-which I did NOT smoke...I just kind of held it there (My brain told me to throw it out but my hand didn't listen) and I completely giggled in his face at all of the questions he asked me. Pretty sure he thought I was a Make-A-Wish-Foundation kid getting my dream come true.

*Sigh*....it must be hard to be so damn beautiful.

*title-lady gaga-paparazzi


briarrose86304 September 30, 2009 at 4:56 PM  

yep... happened to me at a Starbucks. Walked in, went to order, looked up and I swear I saw Ryan Gosling. He aske me what I wanted and I stuttered out "uhm... chai. Big." and dropped the contents of my wallet and purse all over the counter. Funny thing, I wasnt aware that Ryan Gosling was my type until I was faced with his doppelganger.

The first time I met Jim I was pretty flustered but probably came across as stuck up and rude because I could barely talk to or look at him.

*sigh* i am so not cool with the celebrity meet and greets. Real or fake :P

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