"I Always Believed in Futures.."

I've got nothing this week folks. You would think since tomorrow is my date of birth I would have tons of stuff to spew about but honestly I don't. It's been a busy week thus far and I am just looking forward to the end of day tomorrow. I have taken off on Friday to have a long weekend. Some things I have planned and/or foresee in my immediate future:

-I am pretty sure I am going to attempt to bowl at some point this weekend. I have not been bowling since I was five years old. I am extremely clumsy so this should make for good fun and times had by all.

-My favourite out of state friend is in town, as we speak, so I can guarantee that we will be finding some type of trouble to get into. Pointless drives to nowhere will def. be in the mix. Those are the best aren't they? Music, wind, talking, life, just being. *sigh*

-I am also seeing Carvel Ice Cream Cake in my immediate future.

-I will be the proud owner of a new ipod touch soon. Oh ipod touch, how do I love thee? How I yearn for thee?? *sigh*

Yeah, I think thats about it..For something completely unreleated and rando..Driving home from cake class Monday and I heard the most interesting news to date. My local radio station is running a contest to win tickets to an upcoming Muse show. (Actually it's a U2 show and Muse is opening). Thats pretty rad isn't it? Well there is more! If you win tickets you also get a chance to win a private tour of the Air and Space Museum in the District with Matt Bellamy and co.

I think I gasped out loud. Matt Bellamy...I would piss my pants. He is god. Forget air and space museum buy me some lunch and teach me how to play Supermassive on guitar good buddy!!

Whatta man..


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