Big Day!

Today's the big day!

It's been interesting thus far. Since this blog is properly titled: The Winter of Our Discontent it is only right that I start it out with some bitterness.

Number one/A: It's freaking humid. Merry land weather is redick.

Number two/B: I can not decide what to do this evening. I have plans but then plans were changed and now I have options and when faced with options I like to ignore the fact that I am in charge of picking and hide in a corner. Gah..

Number three/C: This is the big one:
Several co-workers, who I don't even talk to on a daily basis and I am pretty sure don't even like me have come up to say Happy DOB. Thats fine. It's actually very civil. I appreciate it. But I like to keep shit real folks. Three of them have followed the "Happy DOB" with: "I didn't know it was your birthday today, you should have told me!!".

Really? Why? Because you were going to run home and construct me a hand made card?

Keep shit real.

Now that that is out of the way!
I will say I am so very fortunate to have so many people who care about me. I have had so many invitations today to do things with people it's overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who made me feel special! I also share my DOB with a special gal I have known for over ten years. She is a carbon copy of me in many ways, yet so different in others. We just work together and thats all that matters really! So, to poots: Last year of our twenties...lets do something crazy this go out on Sunday...after 8 pm!! :) Happy Birthday, I love, love, love you!

I think I received one of the most thoughtful gifts ever: Snack purchased me a jar of pickles and a jar of olives!

Jessapiller-always gets me something incredibly radical because we are both big kids. First of all my card from Jzill said: Happy Birthday Grandma. ha ha haha. I also got some really rad guitar necklaces. Including a red one like my JA! Also a bag full of crazy items from the party aisle. Jzill knows me too well.

Other than this I got some delivered flowers, a Coca-cola classic and a gift card, a really awesome necklace and after work I am thinking I will stop by the old Best Buy and finally pick up that ipod touch I have been wanting. I have been asking for it for two years now and finally got the go ahead. Since I am the computer savvy one in my home I get to go pick it out. I am really torn as to which one I should go with. An ipod classic or a touch. The touch does have built in wifi. Again, decisions I can not decide. Good thing I will have a co-pilot with me to help make up my mind.


An Eerie Tapestry September 25, 2009 at 2:55 AM  

Belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great evening, whatever you decided to do.

The Bumbles September 27, 2009 at 11:50 PM  

Happy Birthday - GRANDMA! That is truly classic. Wish I'd thought of doing that for others. Maybe when Andy turns 40 next year I'll buy him a Grandpa card. But then again, pay back would be painful because 3 weeks later it'd be my turn :0(

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