21 Days of PennyLane

This is the month of my date of birth but I have been getting little gifts prior to this said celebration.

I am such a spoiled brat. At least I admit this much. Out loud, even. On top of being incredibly spoiled and bratty I am a 28 year old child. Yup. I still rock a Zac Effron bag and guess what I came in to find at my desk this morning????
Give up?
I'll tell you!

This delicious goodness!

A folder to put in said bag!

Thanks to Amber...and Yes, if you look closer you will find my alligator stapler above the folder. Told you I was a child:)

Since my title is like a cheap spin of of 500 Days of Summer I was hoping Joseph Gordon Levitt would come around Maryland and do his little magical dance number to Hall and Oates outside of MY work building. *sigh*


bloody awful poetry September 4, 2009 at 2:37 AM  

Someday, I'd like a Joseph Gordon-Levitt of my very own, I tell you. And I shall call him Charlie, because I can.

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