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I had a crazy weekend. Yesterday would you believe that I was baking/decorating from 3 until 10 pm?? I am not exaggerating. I had to bake a cake and cover it with fondant for my final this evening. Make gumpaste flowers and fondant decorations. I had to bake/decorate two dozen oreo cakes for my little New Hampshire princess' date of birth, I also wanted to practice the frozen butter cream technique that I need to pull off for My Snacks date of birth in September. I was very worried about pulling it off, it seemed complicated from the directions. Turns out it came out beautifully and I loved it so much I didn't want to trash it. So I baked another cake, iced it and transferred the Harry Potter design on.

My weekend ended with talking to an out of state friend. We always have the most rando phone conversations which is why I love talking to him. We had a sort-of debate on the topic of Soul mates. Curious about other peoples thoughts on this subject. I think it really depends on the persons definition of soul mate. To me, soul mate does not just refer to the romantic sense, or sex. It is when you meet someone and everything clicks. You are puzzle piece A and they are puzzle piece B. It just fits. It just works. Also, everything else kind of falls away when A and B are together. You can be your complete self and you have a sense of safety and comfort when around this person, and you feel at your best when around them. They aid you in being your best and they truly care.

To continue on: I feel that people can have more than ONE soul mate. I don't believe that old adage thought that there is only one person for everyone. I think you can have a connection with more than one person and this is regardless of sex. Two friends could be soul mates. Again, this is where our debate got heated: I do not associate sexual feelings and romance in with this soul mate category. I mean why does everything have to associate with sex? You can connect with someone without getting naked right?

The debate continued on with confusion on the other end of the line. Is this that odd? To think that one can have more than one soul mate? My lovely did admit that he found that he was biased and not really well equipped to give the debate a proper go because he felt as if he had never found a soul mate. In any form. :(

That just makes me sad so we promptly changed the subject. To what I do not know...but probably something equally as interesting, like the price of cucumbers at Shop Rite.

So thoughts??? Lets hear them folks.
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B August 31, 2009 at 2:19 PM  

I view soul mate as the love of your life, the other category I view as kindred spirits.

BeckEye August 31, 2009 at 3:42 PM  

I had a male friend who always babbled on and on about that soul mate crap. I don't buy it. Like you said, I think there are people who you instantly click with for whatever reason, and you know that they should be in your life, but it's not always for romantic reasons. Like, everyone has a musical soulmate...or 2 or 3. Everyone has that mental soulmate, that best friend who can complete your sentences because you think so much alike. And maybe there are emotional/romantic soulmates but I certainly haven't found one yet. But I don't know if I like the idea of it because the name soulmate implies that your souls are essentially the same, and I think differences are what make a relationship interesting. It's nice to have the most basic things in common (political/religious views, family plans, etc.) but sometimes you click with someone that you have nothing in common with and you can't understand why you're such good friends with that person or why you feel so good around them, but maybe it's because they're everything you're not. They *gag* complete you! But is that really a "soulmate??"

I guess I believe in kindred spirits and the law of opposites attracting. Or something. I just started rambling and I don't really know if I had a point.

The Mrs. August 31, 2009 at 5:15 PM  

first off I'm very puzzled over this frozen buttercream thing. i cant figure it out but whenever you mention it I just want to eat frozen icing. Thats kinda pathetic and creepy isnt it?

as for the soul mates, I dunno. I like to think flyboy is my soul mate but then he does something stupid and I want to sufficate him in his sleep, no lie, but then again, the fact that at times we are so different yet perfect for each other wouldnt that lend itself to the fate/soul mate theory. We are just meant to be.

And like you were saying i think you can have that with a friend, I like the concept that the others have put out there of the kindred spirit. Its like a bond that almost doesn't really need explanation or nurturing (I mean you have to work on any relationship but you know what I mean) its just there. The respect, the understanding, even if there are differences.

The Bumbles August 31, 2009 at 9:14 PM  

Well, my hubby is a soul mate. When I stop and try to imagine what it might be like without him around forever my mind just freezes so I don't play that mental game often! I have 2 friends who could be soul mates too - they just GET me. In different ways - and neither of them I speak to on a regular basis any more. But when we do, it is as if we never left each other and it doesn't matter. I certainly think you can have more than 1 soul mate in a lifetime - happens all the time when someone is widowed and finds true love again. Not sure if you could have 2 at the same time though. I'm more in line with B that soul mates without the romance are something different. But just as special. Arguing symantics I guess.

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