Tuesday Tunes: Week 96

Tell us about the most mind-blowing concert you've ever attended.

Any of the vast amounts of Jimmy Eat World gigs I have attended would qualify as mind blowing. One in particular may take the cake for Biggest Mind Blow. Back in February I went to the 930 Club to see J.ew. It was amazing! I will list the reasons why:

Number 1/A: I arrived early to hang out
Number 2/B: The weather was insanely perfect. (Not too cold)
Number 3/C: I got to see Jim
Number 4/D: Front and center
Number 5/E: They played Clarity from start to finish and it was RELIGIOUS
Number 6/F: Encore included No Sensitivity, which I specifically wanted them to play. That was amazing
Number 7/G: Goodbye Sky Harbor was seriously, the coolest, most amazing display of musical talents from Jim. I am still impressed.
Number 8/H: I met up with some old friends...Kris, Joyce, Sylvia, Brian Mc, Lauren
Number 9/I: I got to meet Eric-who was by far, the coolest dude I have met in a long time.
Number 10/J: I got to see Jim
Number 11/K: I was given free will call tix to a show in Philly, PA the following night, so I was super excited to road trip :)
Number 12/L: Car was broken into. (YES, this is mind blowing in a different way)
Number 13/M: Tom Tom was stolen. Everyone I told this to replied with: "What's a TomTom?" ha ha ha, including Jim and Rick. How do folks not know what a TomTom is? It's only the greatest invention on planet earth.
Number 14/N: I actually googled: "How to hot wire a Ford Expedition".. ps. it didn't work.
Number 15/O: I got to see Jim...had great company while waiting until 3a.m for a tow.
Number 16/P: In all of the district they send me the police man on a BIKE. Who doesn't speak english and doesn't really know what to do with the car so we had to wait longer...for CSI.
Number 17/Q: Brian Mc. Hero of the evening. Driving 40 minutes out of the way to take us home.
Number 18/R: I got to call out of work the following day since I didn't get home until 430 am.
Number 19/S: Almost FREE rental car for the Philly Trip
Number 20/T: Knowing that I would get to see my favourite band in the world again, for free, the next night.

So, yeah, Mind Blowing.

Still have not replaced that TomTom. The joke is, every time I see Jim something redick happens. Two times ago I was harassed by a homeless man, the time after I got a parking ticket which Jim offered only his sound advice on: "Parking Sucks". Then this time in question, car completely disabled and stranded. I'm just thinking next time around I will just take public transport. or a rental.


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