"It's Good To Have You With Us, Even If It's Just For the Day.."

So last night was a show. In fact, it was a Broadway musical. Insane.

I get home and get prepped to ice and decorate the cake that is due at 9AM. I make three batches of icing (about 9 cups), thinking this will be sufficient. I separate a cup out for decor and thin the rest and go to ice. I don't have enough.

Okay, not a big deal. I take the last cup set aside for decor and use that and go to work making another batch of icing to use for roses and borders and writing.

After this is made I make my six roses. No problem..Piece of cake.. Pardon my pun.

After the roses, I smooth out the cake and get it ready. I do the borders, which is a show without a cake wheel. This sheet was 14X20 and I didn't want it to break in half on a tiny wheel so I did without. When I am finished with the borders I am ready to put my two hearts in the center of the cake.

My plan:
- To cut out several templates I had prepped last week in different sizes.
-Choose the best size.
-Poke dots on to the cake surface around the selected template so I could pipe little pearls on when removed.

Sounds nice, right? Yeah, my folder with the customers order information and template is gone. I look everywhere. All in the kitchen, my car, my bag for class, my book bag. I have everything BUT these papers. I start to panic. I have a computer on loan but my printer will not work on it. I decide to go online, find the template and trace it on computer paper. I run to the office, turn on the computer...Oh wait....
The computer has died.
My loaned computer.
Dead. RIP.

I am slightly miffed at this point. I search around for some type of heart template I can use. I try to free hand them a few times on paper but I am not satisfied. I own some fondant heart shapes but they are too tiny for this giant cake. I finally remember that a co-worker gave me a 1000 piece scrapbook and cardmaking kit for Christmas last year. I am almost certain there must be a template for a heart of sorts in that. I rip this open and wa-la...I find it.

I go to town getting this on the cake. I then measure for rose placement. (Three in each corner)

While putting on my second rose,
Keep in mind: I am CLUMSY

Plop. Rose falls. On the cake. Thankfully they had firmed up quite a bit from my frantic debacle and only left a hint of yellow on the cake which I quickly remedied with a paintbrush and new icing and smoothing.

After all this the cake, barely, fits in the box, but I make it work.
I had no issues transporting the cake this morning, they picked it up, loved it and most importantly, paid.

Also, I quickly purchased a new computer, which I will be picking up after work today. I asked my husband, who likes to "shop" around. This is his fancy way of really just procrastinating on the task. Since our loan computer his frame of mind was: "why do we need to purchase one when we have this GREAT loaner right in front of me? Logical, I suppose. So I took matters into my own hands. It's done, I can now have a fully functional ipod.

With my luck though I will get the computer home and the freaking outlet plug will be missing.
Wish me luck. Happy weekend!

*title lyrics by brandon flowers


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