Is It Over Yet?

I feel so disheveled this morning. Firstly, we are painting our family room and the master bath in my home. This means all of my furniture is pushed together in the center of the family room, which made for interesting telly watching last evening. I am now required to utilize the guest bathroom since the master is off limits. It's so very awkward in there. I am naturally clumsy so new surroundings has bad news written all over it.

I come into work today and try to get started on work and the folks next door at Medical Records popped in with their giant folder of MR to scan. This means I get to go desk hunting. I have to walk around searching for an empty desk that I wouldn't be bothering folks if I took it over for the morning until about noon hour. I'm pretty sure I have explained this but if not, here it goes again: I own the ONLY scanner in my company. I use it everyday to scan over fee tickets, numbers and EOB's to our billing office, located in India. They have recently updated our company to an EMR (electronic medical record for those not medical savvy). This requires all out of practice paperwork to be scanned into the EMR. Ideally they are looking at eventually getting rid of the paper chart. This sounds magical in theory. In reality it's a nightmare. There are so many patients and so many files and ONE scanner. Which is located at MY desk. Myself and my favourite Doc Smithers have been fighting for the "man" to buy us additional scanners. Seems folks here do not like to dislocate me as much as I do not like it.

Right now they have a schedule between the MR folks and they get to use my desk in the morning because I technically do not use the scanner portion until the afternoon. It's frustrating for me. I have to pack all of things up and it's frustrating to just find an empty computer. I was moved twice today already so I am feeling extra disheveled today.

Is anyone else just burnt out from this week? I'm ready for it to be over!


The Mrs. August 13, 2009 at 11:25 AM  

shit I say by the man a scanner. Small investment but something tells me it would be worth it. But I understand the principle of the matter.

and yes, I cant believe this week isnt over yet. its like an eternal case of the mondays.

B August 13, 2009 at 12:11 PM  

Gah! It's been too long. I feel overwhelmed. I don't even get on the computer when I get home (I will respond to your e-mail this weekend, promise!).

Penny August 13, 2009 at 1:05 PM  

I know..I bitched about not having a computer and I have not really used it since setting it up :) ha ha..

I'm excited to hear new updates on dresses ;)

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