An Intimate Peeve....

This is probably the weirdest thing to blog about but it is a constant irritation..The Loo.

Yes, folks, the bathroom. I have yet, another, peeve about the loo. I was complaining aloud this morning to an office mate and I realized that I have quite a few issues with bathroom etiquette.

No one talks about this stuff. This is not just your frustrations about men leaving the seat up..I'm over this. I have so many new peeves acquired from my work that surpass this aged old peeve.

Here it Goes:

Of course, these are all relative to my employment, but I am sure they are universal :)
Peeve Number One: How to say this politely.... Leaving your remnants on the seat. I work with about 45 females and 6 males. All of these aforementioned males are 45 and up and had P.h.D's in Medicine. One of them delivers inner office mail and specimens between four sites. Of these 6 GROWN, Educated males, three of them appear to enter the loo, not the lift (I'm over it..), unzip and proceed, WHILE doing the twist. Then they flush and leave the loo. The result: MADNESS.
Seriously??? After 45 years of going in a GIANT round circle you still can't make it in there. It's not like a bulls eye. The circumference is pretty grand. You got a lot of room to work with. Whats going on boys??
Honestly..just clean up after yourself.

Peeve Number Two: Company: This is not really a peeve, but a mere frustration at the lack of privacy lately at work. Our loo's at work are Single Rooms. One door, one lock, one person. I am the ass end of a running joke at work (typical) about company in the on and see why: I have had TWO patients go into the loo with me. Sounds odd right...well it felt odd. Just last Friday one of our DSM -IV challenged patients was in and I went to go into the loo and I passed her in the hall so she quickly trailed behind me and just entered the loo with me. I turned to shut the door and there she was! Hanging out. I was a little shocked so I said: "Um..would you like to use this?"
She replied, very nonchalantly mind you, with: "I just need to wash the alcohol off of my stomach".
Oooooookay buddy. I just left. No questions. Feel free. Just let me exit before you start.
My favorite office mate told me that early in the week she was washing her hands, door open, but some rando dude walked in and shut the door and was going to go to town with her there!!!
She said she had to say: Whoa Buddy!
He replied: Should I just go?
To keep with this: Another office mate has found construction workers in our ceiling when she has gone into the loo. They are doing a lot of remodeling here and have to rewire stuff in the ceiling but how about a sign that states: Out of Order while you're up there? Thanks.
Thankfully, on BOTH occasions she was not utilizing the toilet just fixing her hair and washing hands, but still. No heads up. From these experiences I triple check the locking mechanism and look UP and DOWN before any activity. ha ha.

Peeve Number Three: Knocking. Okay...I really don't get this...Walk with me now:
-You are approaching a single bathroom door.
-You can clearly see that a light is on. "Hello Red Flag Number One!" Someone just may be utilizing this one.
-You reach for the handle and begin to turn, just to check, sometimes folks leave the light on and shut the door, you can't be too sure. HALT. The door is LOCKED. "Oh, Ello Red Flag Number Two!" Someone is definitely in there.
Your next step would be to:
Number one/a: walk away
Number two/b: wait patiently
Number three/c: look for another, unoccupied, loo
Why, in the wide world of sporting events do some folks then opt to KNOCK.
Door shut, light on, door locked.... Step away. No knocking!!
The person in the loo is left with that awkward freeze. What to say, what to say?
Silence, then the nervous: "Someones in here", in hopes that the idiot on the other side hears them, and then you feel rushed.
But really, you shouldn't have to announce that someones in here because the freaking the door is LOCKED. Arrgggggggghhh
Okay, I feel a little better.
So Happy Friday and weekend. Look before you leap folks!


The Mrs. August 14, 2009 at 9:05 PM  

yeah i dont get the pee on the seat thing either, how hard is it to wipe it up. or the unflushed toilet. Really hitting the little lever was just TOO demanding?

as for the knocking, thats why I always cough or sneeze when I hear someone out there. the knock just makes me nervous and then I cant perform. tmi i know. i apologize.

B August 17, 2009 at 12:31 PM  

When I was in elementary school we can a little stop sign on the door handle. If is red, don't know, green, proceed!

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