"Hey Hermano.."

Tonight is a busy one. First of all, I am excited because I will be dining on number 4 from Hunan. My favourite chinese resturant. Secondly, I have to ice my first sheet cake order in order to have it prepped for delivery tomorrow. I am nervous. This will be my first cake that gets out there...you know? Not in front of just my co-workers. I have tons of things to catch up on at work from my absense yesterday. Plus I am fighting sleepiness. Bring on the coffee.

On a pissy note...
1/A: To the folks who use my computer and scanner area in the morning. Stop leaving a million pulled staples all over my work area. Assholes.

2/B: To folks who come in and want to have a conversation while you are currently on the phone with someone else...shut the ef' up. I'm on the phone.

3/C: To all, near and far, who read over the shoulder. Stop it. It's just rude. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Okay, rant over :) Cheers.


The Mrs. August 6, 2009 at 7:36 PM  

umm that rant section was lacking. I expect more in the way of rants from you my dear.

As for your sheet cake I'm sure it will turn out wonderful and tasty. And the Chinese... I'm jealous. Have some beef and broccoli for me.

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