Employee of the Day

So normally I post a Patient of the Day when I get really priceless patient humor.

Today, I have employee humor. For starters: Every diagnosis has a three to five digit universal code attached to it. It makes it easier to process claims and information in the medical world.

Yesterday a patient came in to be treated for a cat bite.

The doctor coded this visit and diagnosed the Patient A with: "Cat Bite".

Sounds great right?


For insurance companies you need to be SPECIFIC. I scrub all tickets before they go out the door so when I came across this I quickly pulled out my ICD-9 Book. (if you don't know it..look it up..it's amazing). To properly code this it is classified as an Open Wound site specific. Which means I need to know the area on the body that Patient A was bit, in order to get a code out of it.

I promptly called the secretary of the Doc of Patient A since this bit of information was no where to be found.

Me: "Could you tell me where Patient A was bitten by the cat yesterday?"

Secretary: "In a country store in Pennyslvania."

Me: "Wowza"

I can easily see how this miscommunication occurred...but I had to laugh.


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