Pardon The Interruption

"This life has been a test. If this had been an actual life, you would have received instructions on where to go and what to do."

Terribly sorry if I have neglected to comment on anyone's blog. I have had a rough go last week. My cat of nine years had the beginning stages of liver failure and he was on an IV for three days in the hospital. I didn't feel much like talking to anyone. After picking him up on Saturday morning I had three days (took Monday off) to monitor his behavior and eating habits. I am so paranoid now. Scrutinizing every single thing. I think a little too much so when something of this nature happens it really throws me for a loop. My mind doesn't rest. Explains my insomnia right?

On top of this business I went to check some ebay auctions I was bidding on and my computer decided to just shut down. I thought maybe I had pulled the power cord out so upon investigation I found that it just stopped working. The fan stopped. It's dead. I have my Brudder-in-law looking at it. He is a computer genius. He had a spare power supply box laying around his apartment. Good thing I backed up all of my really important Jim stuff a few months ago...It still sucks not to have the Internet at my dispense. How did I function before??

For something completely different: I was so excited to go and pick up Johnathan from hospital that I made his Vet a cake. We just learned the colour flow technique. I decided to use that method to create a cake for the top of this cake. Turns out I deeply despise colour flow. It just never dries. Never, ever, ever. I plan to never use it again..unless I can let it sit out for two weeks. I was up until 230 am and constructed four cats, all of which broke.

I have my second return WW meeting tonight. It will be my first official weigh in to determine loss. I cheated on Friday and weighed myself just to check..and I was down 3 pounds. Hopefully it will be an eventful night.

Hope everyone is at peace this week. I know I could use some.


B July 21, 2009 at 11:45 AM  

That cake is so cute! I bet the vet's office loved it.

Color flow takes about 3 days to dry, so I haven't used it since either.

I hope your week gets better! Yay for Jonathan being home!

The Bumbles July 23, 2009 at 11:21 PM  

You are so incredibly thoughtful to bake your vet a cake. Tough goings with your kitty - that's sad. So young too. Wishes for better health going forward. I love our furry friends so I sympathize.

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