Irrational Fears

A mate over at Trying Our Best-A Mommy Blog, has posted a few entries on irrational fears she has developed with getting older. I do have my fair slipping on wet pavement, grass, floors, well..anything really. To my defense, this really isn't irrational because I am the most clumsy person I know. I have a few more I don't care to mention in fear that you will think I am insane. (Really, I'm not. I promise)

The newest one has developed about two weeks ago due to an incident in my office. We are under construction, as I have mentioned before. They are building up and breaking down and moving things. The workers are just anywhere and everywhere and we just kind of move out of their way to accomodate them and try to keep things running smoothly. Well two weeks ago they were looking at our buildings inner workings. Wires, plumbing, etc. An office mate had to make a trip to the loo. Upon entering she had an inclination to look up and who was peering down from a moved ceiling tile?? A construction worker. They were up in the ceiling looking at pipes and wires and such and didn't put a sign on the door to inform people that may not want to use that particular loo when they were hanging out above it. Thankfully she never got as far as the closing the door, only to realize them and quickly turn to leave and find another.

Since this incident I am so terrified that someone is going to just pop in while I am in the loo. It sounds crazy..but it has happened! Thus spawning the irrational fear. Peek-A-Boo..


The Bumbles July 1, 2009 at 3:04 PM  

Haha - you should call it "peek-a-loo"

The Mrs. July 1, 2009 at 3:06 PM  

Oh I have this one! I dont even like it when someone knocks on the door, I never know what to say, so when I hear someone coming I cough or sneeze as if to say, "don't even bother knocking I'll come out when I so choose".

the other day I was getting dressed and realized that the ups truck was pulling away from the driveway and the way our house is i'm pretty sure he got an eye full. Life sucks sometimes.

lovesmukiwa July 2, 2009 at 6:36 PM  

we had a worker fall through the ceiling onto the floor of the womens loo here at work a while ago. I don't tihnk he was trying to peer down, he was walking and stepped someplace he shouldnt and fell by the sinks (not in a stall) but it scared the dickens out of a lady using the facilities at the time.

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