"How Did We Get Here?"

Bizarre happenings at the Chick Fil-A yesterday at dinner. It was one of those discourses that leave you in amazement afterward.

So the little guy at the register asked for Amber and my orders. He was schmoozy. Like-car salesman, spiked hair, still rocked the class ring, schmoozy. You know the type. We placed the order. First of all, when handing Amber her change I guess she was too slow with her hand movement to cup the coins she he awkwardly threw it on the counter and then proceeded to apologize profusely.

Now, I don't know if this is one of those incidents where you do something really stupid and embarrassing and throughout the course of your continued discourse you try really effin' hard to not do anything else to incriminate yourself and you end up saying and doing everything wrong...but it certainly seemed like it.

Before leaving we took our cups up for a refill. I was about to ask for a refill of Coke Zero and he cut me off and said: "Cherry coke right?". I corrected him and he said: "Oh, I know, I was just kidding"..with a laugh.

Okay, kidding about what? My drink?
It wasn't funny.
Schmoozy, but not funny.
Just get my drink little funny man and take your act on the road.

He fills my cup and then hands it to me and says: "Here's your Cherry Coke!" with a giggle. I thought we had just went over this. I quickly tasted it to make sure he actually put Coke Zero in there. It was okay.

After filling Ambers cup with Sweet Tea I remember that for Cake Class we needed to small cups to fill with water for our flower making. When the schmoozer returned with the drink I said:
"Do you think I could have a small cup, I will pay for it if I need to, I just need a cup".
He raises one eyebrow. Which, again, baffles me, and says: "Look, if you want another drink I will just give you another drink. I won't charge you for it. Just ask".

I then explain that I have class and forgot to bring an empty small cup that I need to use in class and thats what I need it for. So he shows me the cup and says: "okay what do you want in it? I wont charge you".


Number One/A: Seriously dude, What do you think I am going to pull? The great drink scam of the century. You just filled my drink that I paid for. Do you somehow think I am going to disappear around the corner and come back all nonchalantly with a small cup and ask for a refill of ANOTHER drink. As if you wouldn't remember me.

Number Two/B: It's a cup. If it's that big of a deal I told you I would pay.

After clarifying to the schmoozer that I just wanted an EMPTY cup I left. Very confused, baffled and peeved.

Does this make sense folks? If not, I am just as confused as you.
In other news: Tonight is my weigh in! Wish me lucks!!

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