Cakes, Cakes, and More Cakes..

The 4th was eventful. I hosted an out of control cook out last year. It was about 13-15 people at any given moment and it was madness!! This year it was a little more low key. It was great. Good food, good laughs, good times.

I have had off of work since Thursday evening so I was a little sad to get up at 6 am this morning and start the routine all over again. The one good thing about this Monday is that I start Course Two today. After work Amber and I have our Chick Fil-A dinner planned and then on to class. We don't have to make homework cakes this time around so we will have less to carry and hopefully will only have to make one trip to bring our supplies in this time.

I'm excited to learn more flowers with the buttercream. Fondant is the end all be all but not everyone enjoys the taste. I want to be able to do all I can with buttercream. Course Two seems like it is going to deliver! Speaking of cakes..I made a 4th of July cake for the occasion. I also made a rose cake for my ma, good excuse to get some practice in...

While practicing the tip placement just kind of dawned on me. It was like a moment where you are learning something and it just clicks. You just "get it". This happened when working on my blue roses. Here is the finished product.

We also picked about five pounds of Raspberries this weekend. I have so many I don't know what to do with them all. I decided to make a cake and incorporate some of them. I ended up doing a chocolate cake with a layer of buttercream, layer of raspberries and a layer of buttercream. I, of course, used the raspberries around the border of the cake as well and took the opportunity to practice roses again :)


Cautioner July 6, 2009 at 11:36 AM  

This post looks absolutely delicious! Slight droolage.

B July 6, 2009 at 12:31 PM  

Your cakes look wonderful! mmmberries!

We didn't use the buttercream much until the last class in Course 2. Mostly royal icing and color flow icing. I like the royal icing better for flowers and you can save them for a long time. Save an egg carton to store them in!

Have fun!

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