Don't Speak...

Boys are so incredibly oblivious. Seriously. This is a two-fer.

Part One:
Tuesday evening I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep (go figure). After finally falling asleep and getting a couple hours I didn't want to wake up for work in the morning. I ended up falling asleep after the alarm was turned off and I was late for work. I rushed out of the house and without blow drying my hair. I just threw it up in a rubberband. Last night after treadmilling I checked my email and discovered I had a message from a gentleman I used to work with during my college days. We key holders at Suncoast Motion Picture company. He was insanely funny and we got on well. We kept in touch here and there over the years since leaving Suncoast. I have not talked with him in probably two years now. I have not seen him in about five. Needless to say, I was curious when I saw his name pop up randomly in my inbox. The message read this:

Funny story. I went to a new doctor today and you work there! I saw you in a side office and then again in the hallway but you looked really sick/tired so I didn't want to bother you.
Is everything okay?


Okay, wow.
Number One/A: YES, my hair was not properly done up but it was in a cute pony and I had make up on and I had this really cute black scrub top with little neon stars on it and I thought I looked pretty fabulous. Apparently not to this chap.

Number Two/B: The fact that a slash was used between sick and tired simply annoys the bejesus out of me.

Number Three/C: Do boys not realize that saying you look sick/tired is the most polite way of saying: "hey you look like shit!"

Number Four/D: What do you even say to this sick/tired claim?? How does one reply?

To end your suspense...I had to go into this long winded explanation of how I woke up late, didn't blow dry and how I suffer from insomnia and perhaps my sick/tired-ness was merely a look of frustration because I work in the 8th ring of hell and I was forced to help out on phones.

But yes, thanks, stop by and see me sometime.
Jack hole.

Part Two:
At 711 this morning, getting some cafe, a boy attempted to make polite conversation with me.
DEGRESSION: I love, love, love 711. Honestly, the folk in there are like a large Italian family at a holiday. Everyone is so friendly. I want to join hands and sing We Are The World...
So yeah ------>This boy was talking me up, he was on his way to work and as he walked away I noticed that his pants were down under his arse and his red plaid boxers were just out and about.

This was the style when I was in middle school. Do boys really still think this is hot? Honestly, back in the day I didn't find it attractive so now I certainly don't. A few months ago I saw that redick rapper Lil Wayne ( I think that's his name) and his pants were basically resting on his thighs. Boys, just come out in your boxers if you are going to go that far. I don't know about you ladies but I like my gifts wrapped :)

A nice polo, khakis or denim (That FIT) and some Dr. Martens.

So under rated these days.

Okay, I'm done. Rant over.


The Bumbles July 10, 2009 at 2:49 PM  

Oh both of those are great! My mom finally figured out that whenever she wears the color grey she looks dead - like in a morgue dead. It just drains the color right out of her face. Everytime she would wear that color people at work would ask her if she was feeling alright or if she needed to go home! So the next time she wants to get out of work early she can just wear that grey sweater :0)

And the next time I seem some dude walking like Charlie Chaplin because his pants are halfway down his legs I'm going to pants him.

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