The Bad News..

Not happy about the new hair.

I am not a good candidate for hair cutting etiquette. Ladies, have you ever noticed there are always certain types of folks at studios. I am the exact opposite of these types so it just makes for awkwardness of all sorts. I'm sure the person washing/cutting my hair is fine..they deal with this all day but for me..I am one ball of awkward!

Firstly, I am not touchy feely with folks I don't know. The place I go for my hair is like a full out spa. They do this five minute head massage while you are getting your hair washed. This is all wrong for me. I could never relax enough to get a massage anywhere unless I have known the person giving it and am comfortable with them. I never know what to do or say...It's so awkward. I think I blush the whole time.

Next, I am no good at making idle chitty chat. I am the type of person that rarely "talks" to my friends. These days people are too caught up and don't really care. When people make forced idle chitty chat because it's a filler for silence that is almost even more awkward for me. It's painful. I just don't do well in these situations. If it was genuine it would be different but asking me how my summer is going and then as I am explaining my answer, nodding and walking away to check her mobile phone doesn't constitute as someone genuinely interested. My go on this: If you really don't care to know..please don't ask. It's so much better this way.

Third, my rule of thumb for a good stylist is this ladies..and listen up, it's a good rule of thumb. If the person cutting/styling your hair has bad hair his/herself...your hair..will probably not be the best. My new regular girl was busy today and I had to do something with this mess so I took whoever was available. She was called Melissa. I wasn't familiar with her but the ladies in this spa tend to be pretty decent all around so I figured it would be okay. I walk in and am greeted by a gal with 80's bangs and a scrunchy in her hair. Wow. I should have turned around and left at that second. Alas, I did not.

On to the frequent will see how we are nothing alike as I go on.

Number One/A: Grandmas-a ton of them. They earlier you go, the more you get. I think they get bussed in.

Number Two/B: Retired stay at home soccer moms who's kids are in college that have nothing better to do so they are always stopping by to drop off treats, rando crafts they have made or flowers they have picked from their gardens.

Number Three/C: Middle aged women with bejeweled Capri's. Why?
Number Four/D: The lady that knows EVERYONE in the place..Including other customers... and they go about talking to each lady..about kids,
What do these folks meet while getting their hair done and then form a secret club where they hang out on weekends?

Number Five/E: Grandmas that bring their grandkids with them. Always a joy.

As I sat there waiting for my stylist to burn my hair to oblivion I listened as these women just chat, chat, chatted away. It's actually so interesting to me that people can do this. I just wonder why I skipped this gene somewhere along the way. I'm not unfriendly..I guess I am just guarded with information and this is where I go wrong.


B July 10, 2009 at 3:57 PM  

Oh holy moly! I'm the same way. I understand social etiquette but I don't understand small talk and refuse to do it. (I've been told that this trait makes me seem snobby, so be it, at least I'm not wasting any one's time.) It's not that I'm self absorbed, I'm just not particularly chatty until I'm comfortable with people. I hate going for haircuts! I actually, now, have a man that cuts my hair. He's friendly but doesn't to the idle chit chat "chick" thing. Thank goodness.

The Mrs. July 10, 2009 at 4:58 PM  

I just switched to a new place, its got one chair and one person, the owner works there, quite frankly i dont care what my hair looks like when I leave. I mean she does a great job but shit, I'll keep going there cause I dont have to listen to anyone else.

My confusion is always during the shampoo, quite frankly I dont really want to talk, i just want to close my eyes so I'm not staring at your boobs and just zone out. ya know?

The Bumbles July 10, 2009 at 5:08 PM  

Ah Penny - you and I should go to the hair salon together. We could eavesdrop on all the others and then meet up for a drink after and make fun of everyone else. Plus we could interfere if the other was getting a bad cut. The last time I went some random lady asked me where I got my purse. I told her I got it from my mom - which was true. I don't shop. I don't think she thought I was very chic.

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