"Always Have a Good Distraction.."

Reasons today just may be slightly better than yesterday.

Number One/A: I came in this morning to find several nifty gifties on my desk one being, a bag of farm fresh tomatoes

Number Two/B: Season One of Secret Life of an American Teenager that I am borrowing. Both courtesy of Amber

Number Three/C: I was logging into my computer and I found that my buddy james had cut out a picture of Kevin Jonas's head and affixed it to the body of a photo of someonelse on my mousepad...Please take a gander...This got a laugh.

Number Four/D: I found a jim jim (that's Slim Jim to you folks) in my bag that I was given on Monday during cake class and I forgot to snack on it.

Number Five/E: Debbie Gibson's Foolish Beat just came on my ipod.

Number Six/F: I brought the most amazing salad for lunch.

Number Seven/G: The phones are not as hectic today. My co-pilot is out, as she has been for the past week and a half, I have been helping out. It's been a mess. Today I am actually able to sit at my desk and only have to help when necessary.

Number Eight/H: When I arrived at work this morning someone (*cough, cough, Erica) had already made me coffee. I may love her.

Number Nine/I: I have every intention of stopping and getting a Wild Cherry Slurpee from my favourite store, 711, on the way home.

I better stop listing things. This could all turn around. After all, it's not even noon hour yet.

Hope everyone's day is going as well as mine started.

*Blog title, lyrics written by jim adkins from Distraction


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