TPS Reports

Today has been insane.

It is currently 3:00 pm. I have just now got to sit at my desk. I have been packing, unpacking, moving, networking computers, adding printers, figuring out wires and storage, and trying to complete my own job duties as well.

Today was the big "move" in my office. They are doing construction on my side of the building so they had to temporarily move me and my two co-pilots. Only there really isn't anywhere to put us. We are not in some random storage place at the front of the building. I am crammed perpendicular (it's math..look it up) to Amber. I have a copy/fax/scanner machine pushed against the front of my desk. What was once a walk way on the left of my desk is now a file cabinet that can not be opened because my desk is blocking it and it's so large it is virtually impossible to slink through. This sits in front of a giant closet that cannot be opened.

I had no electrical outlet for my computer and scanner. I had to McGuyver two power strips to make this happen. The right side of my desk is a fire hazard (Who runs OSHA here??? Oh, wait! I do..). To the front of me I have two giant storage shelves with medical supplies on them and a Frigid Aire that houses injections and medications.
We are supposed to have another door at the second entrance of this room but it is missing so every five seconds someone stops in. To see the hub bub...and ask incredibly stupid questions like: "Sooooo, you moved?"

"Wow, you need a door here".

Yes. To keep you ass hats OUT.

I have heard a viscous rumor that when we do get our door that there is no ventilation in here so it's going to get hot. My favourite.

So I am just in a prime location. Everyone wants to visit due to the fax/copy machine and the hub bub. I keep telling myself: Be thankful I have a job with this economy today but surely, this is nuts.

The bigger fun bag is that supposedly I get to move somewhere else in two months. Another five hour job.


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