Peeve Update

I add to my Peeve list from time to time and I feel the need to add one today.

Peeve Number One:
The Today Show

You know you are getting older when you start watching your local news. Everyday while getting ready for work I turn on my local NBC news program to check the happenings and get the weather. (Weather in Merryland = Out of control). By the time 7:00 a.m rolls around guess whats coming on? The Today Show. Usually I am in and out of the room but I leave the telly on so I can listen. The Today Show drives me completely mad. I usually change the channel and subject myself to VH1 while I finish getting ready but even the few moments I have to hear The Today Show it pushes me to the edge. Here are a few of my beefs:

Number One/A: Why is this show approximately 18 and a half hours long??

Number Two/B: Meredith Vieira. She is SATAN. Seriously. No empathy what so ever. Just blank. Watch her, tell me I'm wrong? Oh Wait! You can't!

Number Three/C: Complete Cluster Fuck: This show is so out of control. They have camera angles all jacked up, a huge delay with every interview which just makes the viewer feel awkward for the people involved, camera changes are often not even picked up and they employ the most socially retarded anchors and it's live so this just makes for WTF moments.. A profuse amount of them. It's just mass chaos!

Number Four/D: Al Roker. Wowzas. He says the oddest things that make no sense MOST of the time. Just do the freakin' weather Al. Just stick to the weather Big Man.

Number Five/E: Blatant exploitation: Every time there is a tragedy of sorts they jump on this like smut over at TMZ. If a plane crashes and 3 people perish they will find one of the victims - neighbors,- sister in-laws,- cousin to interview on the matter. Which is insane anyway but then they send in Old Lightining Rod Meredith Vieira. Her lack of a soul just makes the point of the interview really come through..We at the Today Show just need the headline. So give momma what she wants...

Number Six/F: Willard Scott. Need I say more??

Number Seven/G: Kathy Lee. Again I ask, need I say more?

The Today Show is just not my cup of tea folks. It's just bad all around. My only wish is that one time when they do Where In The World is Matt Lauer he would just get stuck in customs somewhere and detained for months therefore prohibitting his ability to report the news. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I had another peeve to add to this list but I got so carried away with this one it has escaped me at the moment. I'm sure it will pop up again. Don't you worry.. <3


The Mrs. June 2, 2009 at 10:51 AM  

ugh I hate this show. I'm like you I'll have the news on when I'm piddling around the house cleaning or getting ready and this show just drives me mad. Is it news or Entertainment tonight? I cant tell. And why must it be so long, I mean they arent really saying anything.

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