Party of Awkward..

Awkward situations over the weekend. I think it's my upbringing. Hubs family always throws big get togethers, family, friends and co-workers. I come from the school of thought you separate these folks when possible. Nothing good comes from this, aside from awkwardness.

Hubs has a close work mate that coaches with him on two different sports throughout the year (we will call him Mr. Coach). They have known each other and worked together for about four years or so. Due to this and the fact that this man's teenager just graduated from the High school they teach at we were promptly invited to a Graduation Celebration for the young chap. I am very fond of Mr. Coach and I have met his wifey a few times, she seems nice. Hubs wanted to attend because it was an obligatory "friend" thing amongst males I suppose. So I was required to do my wifely duty and tag along.

We arrived. It was an outside party. Family everywhere. Family and US. Eleven kinds of awkward I tell you. Hubs was slightly disheveled as well. He didn't know if we should sit, stand, find a table or eat. We were introduced from Mr. Coach to his parents, Mrs. Coach's parents, both appeared to be remarried so we met a total of 8 parents and various other relatives. We ended up sitting at a table to eat with Mrs. Coach's immediate family. Hubs got to talk to Mr. Coach for a few minutes. Minor work chitty chat and eventually Mrs. Coach came over to talk to us briefly but ended up getting into a trip down memory lane with Mom, Dad and Brudder.

The folks were very lovely people...all polite and the food was good but it was just a general feeling of awkwardness. Just me and Hubs at a picnic table. Talking to each other but not talking about the giant pink elephant in the room. I just don't get it. I mean it's not like we are being introduced in order to assimilated into the family. We will meet these folks once in a lifetime and there is all this history there and then us. The outsiders. The wierdo's that came to the family picnic.
It would have been less awkward if there were more than Hubs representing work. Then all the work folk could mingle. I seriously think it's upbringing but family and work friends were always separate islands. I mean I like the Coach Family but I don't want to get stuck sitting at a plastic picnic table talking to Great Grandma about Jesus and the size of women and young girls swim suits. I mean, I don't want to hang out with my crazy family I don't want to hang out with yours. I guess I just see it as: I don't want you to be uncomfortable and I am pretty damn sure you don't want to feel uncomfortable so lets just, Not. Works for me.


The Mrs. June 8, 2009 at 12:01 PM  

I'm with you, seperate functions whenever possible. I get so stressed about it i find it easier just to never throw a party. Your a better couple then us for going.

The Bumbles June 9, 2009 at 7:57 PM  

This is very funny. We often have parties that mix lots of different groups of friends and family - but there are always multiple people from each group there for them to talk to - like you said, more than 1 set of people from work.

The other night we went to a Grad. School graduation party - a friend of our bro-in-law as well as someone my hubby plays sports with. They are also practically neighbors so we decided to go. No one else that we knew - other than the hosts - were there. Last time we were there some of the other sports people were around. Not this time. We remembered some of their friends from the last party but not enough to really re-connect right away. It was just super awkward so we didn't stay too long. I wonder why they invited us to begin with? Next time we'll say NO - unless we can guarantee at least 1 other person is there!!!

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