"I Wanna Rock With You.."

I can't believe the news of Michael Jackson. He was the King of Pop. Regardless of his personal life for me, it was all about the music. Always. I never stopped being a fan. I have been rocking out to the Thriller album since 1980 and he is a regular on my playlist even to this day. Good music is good music.

I usually do the Music Memoirs Five on Friday on Fridays but today I think I will go with some very special memories I have about the King of Pop.

Growing up, music was always super important. It was apart of our lives everyday and encouraged upon. My mother always had music playing and singing was apart of all of our lives.

With this stated, Here it goes:

-The first record I ever remember owning and playing over and over was Michael Jackson's Thriller. I remember opening the huge flaps to that fold out of Michael in his white suit with the white tiger and I remember moving the record needle back to play PYT over and over and over again.

-My grandpa and I would watch scary movies all the time together. When I was very, very young I remember sitting on his bed looking through the TV Guide to find upcoming scary films. I found one and it said Thriller after the title. I didn't understand that thriller meant that a film was scary. I thought that this meant that the network would show the Thriller video by Michael Jackson before the movie. I was so excited. I watched and waited for several of the promised "Thriller" because I thought that video was the coolest thing on earth! Sadly, it never came on. :)

-Watching the Say, Say, Say video and falling in love with both boys (Who didn't have a crush on a Beatle at some point?)

-In middle school, winning runner up on a radio show contest when I sang a Michael Jackson tune- I'll Be There

- My brudder, who is seven years younger, discovering MJ and going through the phase of finding music. Him and I watching Moonwalker 800 times!

-Hearing Who's Loving You for the first time. It was on a sampler cassette tape and they only played the first 30 seconds of each song from a Jackson 5 album. I got goose bumps at the power and feeling of Michael's voice in the beginning of this song- "When I, had you.......I treated you bad...." I eventually heard the whole tune and it was and still remains one of my favourite songs of all time.

-Of my three years of serving at Chili's through college I would often make random mixed cds for my co-workers in the back to listen to at night during clean up. There was always a rando MJ song included and they would always laugh that I still rocked out to MJ. My manager, Kevin then began to sing The Way You Make Me Feel to me, every time we worked together. He even danced a little and always added my name to the song to make it mine <3>

-While driving to Annapolis to look at engagement rings I was playing a mix cd of only MJ. I had it blaring way too loud and I was rocking out to Beat It with a fierceness. Hubs told me then, and he still stands by this statement: I am the only person who still rocks out to MJ without shame.
Hell yeahs!

-I was heavily involved with music and DJ sets during my wedding and during a consult with the DJ I made a list that was a MUST PLAY during the wedding. Billie Jean and I Wanna Rock With You were on this list. I remember both dances vividly :)

So those are just a few. Sad news. Rest in Peace.


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