I Just Work Here..

I can't take it much longer. I have to complain. My new "office" has my desk facing the back of a giant copy machine/fax/scanner. It is a high traffic area. When someone goes to this machine, because my desk faces its back, guess who is in their direct line of vision?? ME.

I feel like the old lady greeter at W@lmart. It's redick. I try to concentrate on my work and keep my eyes on my computer screen but I am interrupted by folk at the copy machine. It's always idle chitty chat. After the sixth visit in the past hour to the copier, you really need not speak to me. There is no pre-req here.

Since I am also tech savvy and just happen to be so close if there is an issue with this machine I get twenty questions on how to fix it. Gah! GET LOST FOLKS!!

The only plus side to all of this is the ever entertaining Frigid Air, strategically placed in the corner. It is one of those that appears to open from the Left, like most refrigerators, only it opens from the Right. The schoomzy, oozy, pharm reps that come in to sample are constantly fighting with this thing. They pull and prod and lean back with all their might to open it, then eventually ask me if there is a key to open it. I usually just reply: "Yes, the key is to: just pull from the other side".

Never ceases to amaze, yet never fails to entertain folks.


B June 24, 2009 at 1:54 PM  

Tape a giant piece of poster board to the back of the copier so no one can see you!

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