Few Things To Note This Friday...

The Rain.
-It has been raining for three days straight. It's not even like the sprinkled rain it's all out, open the gates of heaven and POUR-rain. I always snicker when people say: "I like the rain".
Ha..I don't mind the rain, I guess, when I am at home, on my sofa, reading a book to the sound of it. Or when I am trying to fall asleep and I can hear it tapping on my skylight. I do mind the rain when I:
number 1/a: have to go out in it and drive with a bunch of idiots who recieved their licenses as a prize from a Cracker Jack box.
number 2/b: It is paired with humidity, which makes for an interesting car ride of menopause
number 3/c: I can't figure out the right temperature to DEfrost my windshield
number 4/d: it gets all over my glasses from walking from car to destination and the contrary.
number 5/e: I have to blow dry my hair only to get it wet again. Frizz city.

The Cold War.
-There is a silent war betwixt a Busy Body at work and KC and I. We can call her Evil Number One (jim reference). I can't get into details here, nor do you, reader, really want to hear this anyway, but I will say KC got the greatest jab in yesterday. One of those comments that are made between two folks and it leaves the other one pondering: Was that an insult??? I am currently unaware if all parties involved are even aware of this silent war but it's definately there.

Let Them Eat Cake.
-After work I am excited because Amber and I are going over to our local A.C. Moore to sign up for cake decorating courses. We need to charter a ferry to get there with all of this rain. See Above ^
Our first class is this coming Monday night and I am hoping to go through all of the courses and I may already have a lady that is going to send clients my way. I would love to do party and wedding cakes on the side on the weekends. Hopefully everything will fall into place.

With this said I just hope this weekend is nice and relaxing and I hope to catch up on some sleep that I have been in serious, serious lack of these past two weeks. Happy Friday everyone.

*ps. Safe Travels Kc. <3


The Mrs. June 5, 2009 at 11:47 AM  

ooh cake decorating class! I'm jealous. I've always wanted to take one of those but its so tough with hubs schedule and the kids. Perhaps you can just learn a thing or two and try to help me decorate a cupcake. I hope your cake biz takes off, you have a talent for it.

and the defrost thing. I cant get it. I mean I'm no einstein but I'm not a total idiot, or so I thought, but yet the defrost thing confuses me. Ed said they should make people figure it out before they get their license.

I'd still be walking.

B June 5, 2009 at 3:33 PM  

Yay for cake decorating class! I love the courses I've taken so far. I think I mentioned that I registered for course 3 already. Apparently, here, you have to be licensed to sell cakes and you're not permitted to do them out of your home kitchen due to health regulations. boo! I'll just need to find a bakery to work in.

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